How to get a virtual Mastercard to buy things abroad without limit

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Deolu Akinyemi

One does not need to be an economic genius to know Nigeria’s economy is being mismanaged. If it wasn’t clear to all of us before, it’s clearer now. You only need to ask a few fundamental questions, and the lack of reasonable answers will make you see how shady things are.

Let’s try and look at a few questions that bother me. I have asked people who should know better, and their answers indicate that something is not quite right. If I venture to type out their answers, this post will deviate completely from its purpose.

1. Why is the dollar bank rate almost half the real dollar exchange rate? Who is favoured by the margins?

2. Why is Nigeria’s debt so much, when at the same time, we are running a subsidy system that’s more than our debt?

3. Why is Nigeria losing nearly half of its oil daily to oil theft, and nobody seems to be on the run?

4. Why do our bank cards now have limits internationally on what we can buy in a month?

5. Why did the CBN governor implement a draconian Naira swap policy that is killing the economy and Nigerians?

6. Why are Nigerians finding it difficult to withdraw the dollars they deposited into banks?

7. Why are banks unable to give Nigerians even N20,000 cash per day from ATMs but are closing or not opening?

Please, if you have any answer other than people in authority having a vested personal interest in enriching themselves and totally skewing the economy to suit their personal objectives, or in simple English – Stealing, kindly share with me. I am interested in learning. I scored 99% in economics in my Executive MBA, but it’s book knowledge; I need someone who understands what is happening in Nigeria.

Well, while we try to answer these questions, there is a way out of having a virtual Mastercard that many people are using. They say if you don’t know how your friends are rising, climbing a ladder or buying high heels will not really help you.

If you are interested in funding and using a Mastercard that allows you to shop globally online and not be tied to the limits of your Nigerian card, simply use this link in this message and thank me later.  I just got a free virtual card from Bitnob that lets me pay for things at millions of places online. Discover new ways to shop and earn rewards. Click on this link to get yours now.

If you don’t have the bitnob app, you can also download it from that link, using my referral code, Adeolu. It’s all free.

Finally, don’t forget, gratitude is a choice. Don’t wait for perfect circumstances to be grateful, be grateful on your way to perfect realities.

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Adeolu Akinyemi


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