How to Become and Active and Valuable Member of a Tribe

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Deolu Akinyemi

The ideas behind tribes have changed from what we grew up in without our choice to communities we can actively form and be a part of. Being a member of a tribe today is beyond geography, it’s more about what we have in common. As individuals, we all long to be connected with others, we were designed by God for community. The idea behind forming tribes is rooted in our innate human need for connection, belonging, and a sense of identity. Tribes bring together individuals who share common interests, values, and goals, creating a supportive and engaging community.

There are many reasons to join a tribe or start one. We will cover this in detail in future articles. Today, let me believe you already know it is important not to be alone. Suffice it to say that we achieve much more together than we can ever dream of alone.

Becoming an active and valuable member of a community or tribe with similar interests and ideals is a fulfilling way to connect with others who share your passions. Here are some steps to help you integrate and contribute effectively:

1. Identify your tribe: Determine the community or tribe that aligns with your interests and ideals. This could be a local group, an online forum, a social media community, or even an organization. Find a space where you feel comfortable and can engage with like-minded individuals.

2. Observe and listen: Before jumping in, take the time to observe and listen to the ongoing conversations and interactions within the community. Familiarize yourself with the group’s dynamics, values, and established norms. This will help you understand the existing dynamics and find your place within the tribe.

3. Introduce yourself: Once you feel comfortable, introduce yourself to the community. Share a bit about your background, interests, and what brought you to the tribe. Be authentic and open in your introduction, as it helps to establish a genuine connection with others.

4. Engage actively: Actively participate in conversations, discussions, and activities within the community. Share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences related to the shared interests. Ask questions, offer insights, and contribute to ongoing discussions. Show genuine interest in others’ contributions and engage with their content as well.

5. Offer support and help: Be generous with your knowledge and skills. If someone needs assistance or has a question, offer your support and help. Share resources, provide guidance, or offer a helping hand whenever possible. By being helpful, you establish yourself as a valuable member of the community.

Let us stop with these 5 for today, as I am learning to keep the articles short. We will continue this evening by God’s grace.

Would you like to be part of a community of people passionate about upgrading themselves so they can live out their true potential? Why not start by sharing this broadcast with people you know will be interested in being a part of such a community, as you already are?

Stay Blessed

Adeolu Akinyemi.

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