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Deolu Akinyemi

“When something important is going on, silence is a lie” – A.M. Rosenthal

The last few weeks have been very busy for me, I must confess and the ones ahead don’t seem to present me with the option of quick rest.  I have been flying around the country investing in people and building an organization. I have been involved in Network Marketing before, but never has it been this exciting, and never have I met so many people face to face.  As a child I loved to teach and till date teaching is the biggest passion for me. These days,  I’m getting an opportunity everyday to teach people new skills, and to help them become better. I’m recieving more face to face thank you’s than I’ve ever recieved. I’m getting early morning calls of people calling to commit themselves to process.  It’s overwhelming. In the midst of these activities, I have neglected my readers a bit, I sincerely intend to make it good.

The weeks and even months ahead also look seriously packed for me. From Onisha to Benin to Owerri to Ghana to Senegal to Namibia to Zambia. Even though these meetings involve a variety of activities ranging from counselling to teaching to preaching to motivating and inspiring,  the backbone of these travels is an amazing business opportunity called Holidays and Cash.  On all the 4 levels of freedom I’m currently driving, I interact with people across classes and share with them thoughts on financial, social, political and spiritual freedom!

The more I and my team move around, the more we see the potentials and the future of this business. The more it dawns on me that we cannot do this alone. We need more, more skilled and better leaders! We are building a huge pipe, and armatures don’t build structures this big, we need professionals, we need visionary leaders, we need administrators, we need managers. If you fall into any of these categories, do not hesitate, do not analyze, do not even ruminate, we need you! Join us in this construction work, don’t just get involved and watch from a distance, we need active people who are willing to put their skills and passion on the table, and drive with us to achieve sure success. If any of the roles below describe you, join us today. Pay for your privilege pack, and let’s ride this exciting journey together.

Trainers: If you can train and are passionate about developing others, you will not find a better home in anything else than this opportunity. According to Robert Kiyosaki, the real opportunity in Network Marketing is training and development, if you are a trainer, we need you. There are lots of trainings that our members need, lots of skills they need to pick up. There are lots of boot camps we’ll organize, loads of seminars and workshops in plan and many team building events. If you can deliver the goods on this, join us! We’ll look inwards, before we look outwards.

Counsellors: If you can meet with people in a one on one scenarios, coach them, support them or explain things to them, you are an ideal candidate. As we grow after our big events, we’ll need to be able to engage people one on one in close sessions. We need people who love people and are willing to really help them become better.

Leaders: Everything depends on leadership! If you are a leader, you have people you lead that believe in your leadership! You have a clear picture of future, and you have the skills to galvanize others together to achieve it. As we grow, we are discovering that top sales people are not necessarily leaders. Leaders know when to sacrifice for the good of their team. We need leaders, people that can provide a sense of direction to many others. Are you a leader, join us!

Managers: Leadership answers the question of direction, while management the question of how fast. Management is about ensuring that we can get our desires achieved efficiently within available resources. We need people who can manage other people, manage their time and ensure that the people are doing what achieves the best results.

If you are any of these, please contact me at, then go ahead and join us. It doesn’t get more legitimate and more exciting than this. If you have questions, you go to the website and you’ll see the answers.  The products are real, the reward model unbelievable and the managment is real and visible.

To be a part of this go to and contact me so I can educate you on how to make the payment into the Holidays and Cash Ltd Account. Let’s stop kidding ourselves, there are people more intelligent than us, less intelligent and equally as intelligent as you and I who have already become a part of this. Don’t waste time thinking through what many others have thought through before you.

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