Five Deliberate Steps To Take To Keep Your Spouse And Yourself From Drifting Apart

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Deolu Akinyemi

Have you ever witnessed two strangers living together as husband and wife? Though they have been married for many years, two people can remain interested in completely different things. In the journey of love, couples often face challenges that test the strength of their bond. It’s not uncommon for partners to grow apart over time due to the natural evolution of their individual lives. However, by recognizing this potential separation and taking deliberate steps to nurture their togetherness, couples can navigate this path of growth hand in hand, fostering a love that withstands the tests of time. Couples need to proactively engage in shared activities and overcome the hurdles that threaten to pull them apart.

“The best way to grow together is by consciously doing things together.” – Unknown.

A research-based study reveals that couples who engage in shared activities have a higher chance of staying connected as they experience personal growth. By actively participating in joint endeavours, couples create shared memories, establish common goals, and deepen their understanding of one another. The deliberate act of investing time in each other’s lives becomes the foundation for a resilient and enduring relationship. Thank God for Ludo, snake and Ladder and Netflix.

“The strongest marriages are built on a foundation of teamwork, mutual support, and shared experiences.” – Unknown.

Shared experiences foster a sense of unity and collaboration. By pursuing mutual interests and hobbies, couples forge a bond that evolves and adapts alongside their individual growth. Whether it’s embarking on a new adventure, exploring a shared passion, or taking up a hobby together, such activities create opportunities for partners to connect, communicate, and celebrate one another’s achievements. In these shared moments, the seeds of a thriving relationship are sown. For example, couples who do marriage counselling together are helping more than the people they are counselling.

“A couple that learns together grows together.” – Unknown.

Constant learning is an essential aspect of personal growth, but it can also be a catalyst for relational growth. Engaging in joint educational pursuits, attending workshops, or enrolling in a course as a couple can be transformative. Learning together stimulates intellectual conversations, expands horizons, and helps couples discover new dimensions within themselves and their relationship. It fuels the flame of curiosity and keeps the bond alive amidst the ebb and flow of life.

“In the dance of life, let togetherness be your rhythm.” – Unknown.

Life often presents couples with diverse challenges and responsibilities, making it easy to lose sight of one another. However, deliberately prioritizing togetherness can help partners stay connected and weather the storms. Regular date nights, shared vacations, or even small moments of quality time become the glue that binds couples together. By nurturing their relationship as a top priority, partners reinforce their commitment to one another, ensuring that growth becomes a shared journey.

“True growth occurs when we evolve as individuals, but find solace in our unity.” – Unknown.

Individual growth is vital for personal fulfilment, but it’s equally essential to maintain a sense of unity within a relationship. As partners pursue their aspirations, they should embrace their partner’s endeavours and provide unwavering support. By actively engaging in each other’s individual growth, couples become cheerleaders, confidantes, and pillars of strength. Celebrating each other’s achievements becomes a joint victory, further reinforcing their bond.

Growing apart is a natural phenomenon, but it doesn’t have to lead to the dissolution of love. By consciously engaging in shared activities and embracing togetherness, couples can forge a path of mutual growth and ensure that their relationship thrives amidst life’s changes. As partners learn to do things together deliberately, they create a resilient love that withstands the test of time, cultivating a beautiful union that transcends the challenges of growth. Remember, in the dance of life, let togetherness be your rhythm, and watch your love flourish as you navigate the journey hand in hand.

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Adeolu Akinyemi.

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