Does my life show that Jesus is worth it?

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Deolu Akinyemi



Text: John 19-21, Matt 27
Jesus came to the earth, though he was rich (divine) for our sakes he became poor (human) so that we through his poverty (humanity) can be come rich (divine).

In coming to the earth, he became of no reputation
In coming to the earth, he had no will for his life, he lived the Fathers will.
In coming to the earth, being human was humbling enough, but that was not enough to save me.

He bore my sins, carried my shame, and was punished for my transgressions. He said not a word!
He was asked if he was guilty – he was guiltless, but he was guilty, to reply would be to deny me, so he kept quiet.
He was betrayed by one who started out following him, who didn’t lose the lust for money – still betrayed by the same bunch.

He was undersold – still undersold. I mean, if you really want to betray him, you can get much more.
Those for whom he was going to die mocked him, for years I did as well!
Soldiers whipped him, not civilians!

They twisted a crown of thorns into his head, then gave him some dizzying slaps! The slapped him and told him to guess who, or prophecy who.

Pilate found no fault in him – the lamb that must be slain must be without blemish, and must be confirmed so!
They took off his clothes and ridiculed him! They dressed him up as royalty, so they can poke fun at him. His offense? Making out to the the Son of God!

He was traded for a common criminal, we preferred the option that robs us – do we still?
His cross was titled in 3 languages – of religion, of commerce and of power. He was humiliated globally.
He died on a tree – cursed!

Yes, I know he died and rose, but rose to do what? To punish all those who didn’t believe in him? No… He rose to teach and reinforce the faith of those who believed in him.

Surely he should appear to Pilate and show him who really has the power, surely he should get around the soldiers houses and give them the spanking of their lives, surely his name should be written on the clouds and all who were responsible should beg! But not my Lord, he didn’t do it for fame or glory, he did it to please the Father. The Joy set before him on the cross, is the hope that we will get it!

He did all that for me! Gave it all up for me! He believed that I was worth it. He believed it wouldn’t stop with me, but it would start in me. That what he did for me, he would still do through me, for the sakes of those around me. In exchange for all he did, all he asks me to be involved in, is discipleship. He says to me, I laid mine for you, you go ahead and do the same.

Do I trade Jesus for a reputation? Do I clamor for any purpose outside him? Can I take mockery on his behalf, can I be spoken against because of my loyalty to him? Can I be misunderstood? Does it matter?
Oh that I may live for him, and nothing else! Oh that my life would grasp the fullness of his sacrifice and the volume of his expectations of me.

May my life and yours, show that Jesus is worth it!



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