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Deolu Akinyemi


These days it breaks my heart to see Jesus on the bench in the matches where he should be the most valuable player! He’s done all to prove his mettle. He’s worth all the attention and more, infact our lives value is because of the value inherent in him! Yet in the midst of our sacred meetings he’s either benched or totally exiled.

We organize the meeting in his name, but it’s not about Him! The congregations gather, and the pastors preach to them a version of Christ that is unbiblical! Jesus the counter cultural leader who gave his disciples the commandment not to lay any treasures on earth, but to lay it all in heaven, is absent on our holy days!

We shudder and arrange at the thought of having a meeting with the President! We think it out of this world to meet with the President of the United States! Mere men who have paid no price to own our loyalty or confidence let alone our soul. Yet we play lip-service to the honor of Christ or the privilege of sitting in the same space with him.

Think deeply about these and realize that we have turned off the tangent! Jesus’ words are either not read, or not understood! How do you reconcile a leader who came to lead by example with the crop of people who now represent him? How do you align a master with 12 disciples and 120 followers post resurrection with a 21st century prosperity goon whose congregation is in the thousands but are sterile! Yes unable to produce without the Pastor! How do you weigh the commandment to go into the world and make disciples with the gather them together and give them regular dozes of spiritual sleeping tablets? How?

Do you not realize that if God’s word is true, then 99% of most gatherings of “Christians” are on the slippery sloppy road to hell? Or where do you think is the destined end of those who don’t love Jesus? Well, you argue, but I love him! Yes you do, Jesus says the way he’ll know is simple – “If you love me, you will obey my commandments”. Do you know his commandments? Do you obey his commandments? Why am I trying to condemn you? No, I’m not trying to condemn you, I’m trying to wake you up to realize that the altar call you stood up for does not mean zilch! People are not saved by mentally believing and verbally professing. The terms that Jesus laid out require evaluating the cost of discipleship and being willing to lay down your life to follow! No, I’m not making it hard, it’s hard! The Christ life can only be lived by Christ, there is nothing else like it! Jesus’ commandments are clear – if you are not doing it, you have no part in Him! If you didn’t first lose your life, you don’t have a life!

Can you imagine that all those you worshipped with on Sunday may go to Hell? Was the message they heard on Sunday useful to their eternity or focused on their present and lastly a closure call to say a few meaningless prayers to plug into God? The truly saved people are known by their fruits many months after! The seed that births the sons of the kingdom and that which births the sons of the wicked one, always look alike until it’s time to harvest!

Repent!! Yes, you don’t believe this will make sense to you, yes! But it does, repent! It has to be about Jesus and Jesus only! Only one end in view, Christ!

Oh… Don’t say you didn’t know. God sent Adeolu Akinyemi to write this so you can read it!


Kind Regards

Adeolu Akinyemi

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