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Andrew Carnegie

It’s A2W Business School, and the curriculum is designed for you to learn experientially and by watching and analysing great entrepreneurs. It’s always an engaging 2hrs, and it’s more valuable than many schools I’ve been privileged to attend. There is no point learning if you are not taking action, the way to really internalize and own knowledge is by LTD – Learn, Teach and Do, in no fixed order between Teaching and Doing.

Here are a few life lessons we learnt in this weekends class, you can find how to apply them in your business immediately. This course is Entrepreneurship 101 – Course 3.

Business Lessons from Andrew Carnegie.

1. Andrew Carnegie starts work at the age of 12. He leaves school as the man of the house to take responsibility for earning something to support his mother, it wasn’t because it was fanciful or an exciting additional, he had no choice!

Lesson: Formal school is overrated! Don’t let anybody tell you that you are too young or disadvantaged in any way, you can make anything you desire become achieved right from where you are, and very importantly, give yourself no other choice but success. Many of you are driving your A2W businesses like, if it doesn’t work, then you move on. Make up your mind that the goal of retiring in 3-5yrs to passive income won’t pass you by.

2. Andrew Carnegie’s life is a proof that mentorship works as he was mentored by Tom Scott . His mentor noticed him and took him up because of his penchant for taking responsibility and showing nerve.

Lesson: Today many of us look for someone who seems to be succeeding and we pressure them to mentor us. The clear lesson here is, find an opportunity to demonstrate competence to the person you want to mentor you, and he or she would notice you. Unknown to most of us, successful people are in dire need of succession. If you show you are trustable and responsible, you will have people entrusting you with their wisdom. Another key lesson is that it’s easier and faster if you are guided, every successful person usually would be able to show you someone who was willing to hold and guide them.

3. The confidence that a mentor reposes in the protege is vital to success. A walk with a mentor down a street, can add more value than a university degree.

Lesson: For the people you are mentoring, let them know that you believe they can do it. I just finished giving my daughter a pep talk a few minutes ago – I am preparing her for her common entrance, and if I’m not careful she may think the work is a lot and hard. The most significant investment I can make in her development however is to repose confidence in her abilities and show her that it’s easy, and that she can do it. It is also worth of note, that even though Andrew Carnegie was unschooled he had more knowledge than many people that went to school. Mentorship works, and it’s actually better to be mentored and showed than to spend hours trying to get a credential. Remember, the required achievement to graduate from secondary school is 5 credits! Life requires more than 5 Credits! Mentor your downlines, and as someone new in the business find a sponsor you can work with. You’ll learn a lot more in the next 3yrs than any business school with classroom curriculum will give you. Learn to clock in and clock out.

4. Tom Scott wanted Andrew Carnegie to build a bridge across the Mississippi river. Many people had tried and failed and it was a risk. Even though he had no idea how to build a bridge, it didn’t let that stop him from taking the challenge.

Lesson: For anything to have an upside, it must have a downside. Risk is the backside of opportunity. Don’t let the fact that others or you have failed before limit or stop you. Accept responsibility for the future, and make up your mind not to quit till you achieve what you set out to achieve. Building a bridge across the Mississippi is like setting out to develop a system to ensure you are financially free in 5yrs. It took Andrew Carnegie about 5yrs as well, and he faced challenges sufficient to quit because of. He had no idea how to start, but he bought the vision. Everything else comes to the rescue of the vision.

The Lessons are more than 50, and we’ll be sharing and discussing more and more in the coming weeks. If this is adding value to you and you think you want to read more of it, then share it generously with others.

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