Before the 2015 Elections!

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Deolu Akinyemi

Why I have been More Silent than Usual about the Forthcoming elections!

I have received many calls from people who know my love for GMB. I have voted him consistently from when he was an option. He represents values that I believe in, and I love muslims and christians. The commandment God gave us is not to love our neighbours as ourselves, no! It’s to love others the way God loved us in Christ Jesus. That is loving people before they accept your message of salvation.

Back to the theme of my article, why have I been more silent than usual?

I am following my leader! That may make me sound brainless, but then if you think I’m brainless, then you need to really check your brain. I have come to learn to be governed. I have also learnt to follow who can see sitting, what I may not see standing. I believe it’s very important for our generation to lead but to first be led. My leader has said expressly that while his loyalty lies with GMB, he believes that these elections will lead to a national shipwreck, after which there will be a miracle of restoring Nigeria after many resources has been irreparably lost. He’s suggested a proactive solution of a transitional government, to ensure that 3 key elements are fixed which will put Nigeria on the right foundation. Here are the 3 elements for posterity.

1. INEC – INEC is currently not an independent body. Anybody who assumes that is not thinking. All the RECs are VCs all chosen by presidency. INEC is also not prepared for these elections and however way it goes, there will be major cries of foul play. We need to take an opportunity to properly set up INEC. We can have pure electronic elections that are impossible to rig, and where the results can be live!

2. Population Census – Our Census results are contested and unreal. We need to without political or religious bias count ourselves, and be able to have truth as the foundation of our nationhood.

3. The People’s Constitution – Nigeria is neither a Federation nor a Republic, yet we call it Federal Republic of Nigeria. Our constitution starts with we the people, without the inputs of we the people! The national conference came up with recommendations that are important to Nigeria’s future existence as 1 Nation. We need to ensure it’s brought to the fore and implemented.

Today, the shipwreck is a few days from hitting. I have read passionate mails and reports from followers of APC, and I have seen the hate and smear campaign going on from PDP. I have seen the the hate mails being peddled by Christians against islam and muslims. Nigeria is being divided along the lines that cause war in many countries. How will Christians who are being used to spread so much hate, be governed by Muslims, how do Muslims endure another 4 years under a president that has been unprecedented in his use of religion (not faith) as a bases for dividing the nation he governs. The ungodly are calling the godless ungodly. Thieves are calling thieves thieves, the country is on the brinks. The thinker is indeed the enemy of the mob! Drums of war are on, and only few hear it.

Are we thinking? Whoever wins these elections, even if by a stroke of miracle we go through without bloodshed inherits a Nigeria that is in need of critical rescue. With the expectations so high in the roofs, Nigerians will be disappointed! Save for the 96 Oil Blocks due for sharing in 2016, I would say that the best punishment for the administration of GEJ is to vote them in again! Unfortunately, that will destroy whatever is left of the nation as we plunge deeper into debt and exhaust our reserves.

The suggestion is not for an interim Government, no! It’s a transitional government. A government that involves GEJ and GMB. A Government set up for 2yrs to set the foundations of Nigeria right! A government where GEJ is President, and GMB Chancellor. They can both select 6 people each, with key input from from the people and run a government that focuses on the 3 agenda above (INEC, Census, People’s Constitution) and these 3

1. Security – A joint approach to kill insurgencies – Boko Haram and Naija Delta.
2. Economy – We are in the tanks, we need urgent rescue.
3. Nationhood – Help us see ourselves as one ( the national conference constitution will help, but we need intensive national re-orientation)

We have 15 days more to enter our national reset button. It’s either we form this government proactively, or we do it reactively. It’s up to us really, before the elections, or after the elections. Our elections however are likely to produce the results our best elections have always produced – Wind! If we love Nigeria enough, we will be proactive, if we don’t we will do these after losing a lot. Billions have gone down the drain already in campaign funds, must we add lives?

Having said all of these, I have my PVC and will use it for the candidate that has my loyalty and vote! In case you are wondering who my leader is however, it’s Pastor Tunde Bakare! My generation needs to lead, by first following.

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