The Most Important Revelations 2

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Deolu Akinyemi

I started this series last week, so if this is the first version you are reading, I recommend that you access the first article in the series here. We are in a quest to uncover important revelations and insights. The ones that have the capacity to change our lives visibly.

The first point, is still the one that will be dwelt on here, is the fact that man is as he thinks. You are what you think! Our behavior naturally come forth out of who we are in our thoughts. If the thought is changed, the behavior will naturally change. Once a human being buys into a point of view, perspective or paradigm, that point of view determines his/her actions. The reason we are who we are is not because of where we live, where we work, where we grew, or where we schooled, it’s because of how we think, and the paradigm we operate from. Poverty, wealth, affluence, bitterness, passion, excitement, hopelessness all stem from our operating paradigms. To change our fate in life is simply to buy into a new point of view.

We are all simply manifestations of the paradigms we have bought over time. Many of us operate with the paradigm of the zero sum game, if I win, it’s because someone lost. It’s a paradigm of competition, and we can’t see others succeeding without thinking we are losing. Some of us operate with the paradigm of abundance, we see the possibility of cooperation and collaboration, we believe that everyone can get what they want without anyone losing out. Whatever paradigm we believe however effortlessly gets expressed in our behavior and actions. Don’t bother about changing your actions, change your thoughts, and your thoughts will change your life.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, ask yourself, what point of view have I bought? Is it a liberating point of view or a limiting point of view? What thought are you taking? Is it a thought pattern originating from fear, worry or anxiety? Or is it a thought pattern loaded with faith, confidence or courage? Where are you thinking from, what point of view have you allowed to dominate you? Be careful of the thoughts you entertain, once the thoughts form a stronghold in your mind, they govern your actions.

We are all surrounded by friends and books, that influence our thoughts and cause us to behave in ways synonymous with whatever we come to believe. Thoughts mature into words, and words mature into deeds. Once a thought is voiced, it’s taken. To create a solid paradigm out of mere thoughts, voice them over and over again. Once your thoughts are crystalized, your actions will align. Understand that you have the powers to change your life, to alter your circumstances, to make happen whatever your desire! You have the powers to change your bad habits, create good new ones, and become whatever and whoever you desire to become. Your primary work is to zone yourself into the right paradigm, shift from what is conventional, shift from the limiting beliefs you have grown up with, review your assumptions and dare to think thoughts higher than your current predicament. The battle ground for the control of the human being is the mind! Once you get your thoughts right, everything else will follow.

The first and foundational parable of Jesus was about the sower and the seed. It’s a masterpiece template about the concept of implanting a new idea into an existing mind. It’s a classical qualification of the different types of mind structures that receives the word and the paradigm encapsulated within the word. It shows us that though the thought was right, the type of soil on which it is planted determines the yield.

Deliberately be conscious of your thoughts, once you buy the point of view, your actions are altered!

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