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I want to reveal a secret to you, please relax. You have already gotten to open this post, so you are ahead of a long line of people who wait a little longer to read. I’m going to share my heart with you, I’ll hope you’ll read me with your heart as well. Once our hearts believe, our heads can easily follow. I’ll also ask for your permission on a few things. If you can oblige me those things, this post and the mail you are about to read, will make a real difference in your life this year! Here are my few requests.

1. Before you continue reading question 2, make up you mind to empty yourself of all prejudices and preconcieved notions about referral based businesses. It might be tough I know, but your preconcieved positions will limit you. Trust me. Read objectively, and look with fresh eyes.

“The uneducated in the 21st century is not one who can’t read and write, it’s one who can’t learn, unlearn and relearn” – Dr. Tunde Bakare.

2. Don’t jump to the bottom, try and read this line by line and with an open mind.

3. Make your decision within 24hrs and take action. What you are reading will not be useful to you otherwise. Believe me though that it will make a difference if you conciously and delibrately make a positive move.

This are all that I require you to have in mind as you read further.

It’s one thing to read about something, it’s another thing to know it, and it’s yet another thing to practice what you read and know. I had known that there were broadly two types of people when it comes to difficult problems, the ones that walk away, and the ones that stay unreasonably to solve the problem. I didn’t know until lately that I was more of the person that walks away than the person that stays to solve and resolve.

For 6 months I refused to participate in a business opportunity that is currently transforming my life! Why did I refuse? I refused because I believed I had gotten enough of referral based businesses (Network Marketing, Direct Selling, Multilevel Marketing, Affiliate Marketing e.t.c.) and I simply had quietly decided to walk away. I had made a few losses and some over exaggerated successes, but I didn’t feel good with the fact that a lot of people came out of those ventures as outright losers. I care more for value, a good name and great friends, than I could ever care for money – and these businesses were just not making it happen for me. I walked away unannounced, and was marketed with regularity for over 6 months and I refused to move an inch. Thank God for the insistence of my marketing mentor and friend Michael Faust, and the constant nudging of two other friends in UK and Australia whose names I will feature in time.

After a long while, I decided to ask myself a fundamental question. I decided to ask for support to practically answer these questions by the company. The answers to this question, and the position I could take made me take action. I’m hoping you see them as well. I decided to walk away eventually from any referral business that has to do with BOARDS, but I decided to stay and make things right in what I saw when I dared to empty my cup.

What is the problem of referral based businesses, and can they be solved?

Problem1: The owners of the companies often times are not credible, they stay invisible, they don’t come to Nigeria, have no local registeration in Nigeria and might one day just shut down their systems and dissappear into thin air.

Solution: Can we ensure that the leaders of the company are known to a lot of Nigerians? Can we ensure that they come to Nigeria? Can we ensure the companies are locally registered in Nigeria and allow Nigerians to part own the company? Can we ensure the involvement of a local credible entrepreneur like Prof Pat Utomi as the Chairman of the Nigerian company? Can we ensure that Nigerians meet all the board members and that the Chairman also meets all the foreigners?

Status: 99% Done. Agreements to be concluded with Chairman in August. (8-14th in Mauritius)

Problem2: Usually these companies sell products that are of No value to Nigerians. Nigerians participate only because of the financial possibilities from referring others. People end up feeling scammed when they buy products they don’t intend to use, and refuse to market to make the money they planned to make.

Solution: Can we ensure that there are many options of products? Can we ensure that once you buy a particular product you get amazing discounts on the rest? Can we ensure that peopel can get IBM thinkpad laptops (German Refurbished) for as low as N29,000 and get it bundled with other great products? Can we get people an opportunity to develop themselves with e-books worth $3000 as an add on? Can people buy landed property at discounted prices and still earn from referring others to any of the products? Can people buy personal branding kits? Attend special trainings as product offers? Use their privilege packs to book local flights at riddiculous prices? Save up to $800 on just one hotel bills for one international trip from a pack that costs less than 1/3 of the savings? Can we make this like a real online market with a baseline of refer and profit?

Status: 101% Done. And much more to come… inverters, cameras, e.t.c.

Problem3: These companies or “schemes” as many see them look easy before you start, but they end up being too much work. It’s as if you should never stop, cos once you stop, you do not earn anymore. The boards keep splitting and you have to keep running around and “getting people”. They have absolutely no passive income potential, and it’s difficult to predict what you need to do before you earn. The the bad part is once you have gotten so many people, they split so far away from you, that it doesn’t even pay you to help them.

Solution: Is it possible to have a model that actually has the possibility of generating passive income so that this doesn’t become another JOB and slave camp? Is it possible to predict exactly what needs to be done to get results? Is it possible to get results without depending on other people, just on one’s own efforts? Is it possible to help people, hear thank you and still directly help yourself? Is it possible to earn even when the person you are helping is 2000 generations and 5yrs away from you?

Status: 100% Done and Yes to all questions!

The company is far from where it was when I joined, it will be far from where it is today if you join and come in with other brilliant ideas. Without you, we have built this business into having over 6,000 Nigerians on board with people earning in dollars weekly. Without you, I have become a platinum member, travelled to Egypt, going to Maritius and qualified for the next international event. Many of our members are also joining in Nation building initiatives – in Education, in the Power Sector, in Electoral Reforms and even in Politics. You know why it’s easy for us? Because we are free! We are not free as we want to be yet, but we determine our own timetables.

The words of William Wallace (modified)echoes in our spirits – “You came to fight as free men,  free men you are! Run, and you will live. At least a while. But years from now, you will die, in your beds on the roads, anywhere! Are you willing to stake all the days from now till then for one chance, just one chance to stand here and tell our enemies that they may take our time (5am to 10pm every weekday) and our current choices (determine were we live, when we break, when we take our vacation) but they will never take away our Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedom!

Special Email to Friends

Do you sincerely want financial freedom?

Dear Friend,

Have you discovered that you are advancing in years and yet have no source of passive income? Do you find it difficult to raise N300m to invest in real estate that can pay good rent? Are you tired of carrying buckets and want to build pipes?

You can wish and hope for financial freedom for all you care, it doesn’t respond to wishes and hopes, it responds to deliberate action! It responds to simply following the option I am about to share with you.

Introducing…. Holidays and Cash Business Opportunity

I have great news for you, this business opportunity is designed to help anyone (that’s you too ) from any country in the world to become financially free starting with less than N100,000 ($600). You don’t only get really great products for your money, you also get an opportunity that allows you to achieve what N300milllion may not achieve.

You can get to earn between $30 – $75,000 weekly, and actually build your business to a point where without working you still continue to earn – for life!

Apart from access to this business opportunity which is free, with Less than N100,000 you can also get a Laptop (limited offer), a pack of e-books (worth $3000) and a privilege pack ($250/yr – paid for 1yr). You can also get a top position and some special add on gifts if you are one of the first 100 to respond to this.

The most turbulent time in my life was a stretch of 3 weeks where I wasn’t able to do anything – no presentations, no emails, no seminars. In those 3 weeks I earned about half a million weekly! This business opportunity works and the products are great!

Here is how to get my incredible offer today. Simply visit the website url below and read the information package I have provided. Once you are ready to make your purchase, click on the buy now button. After then, you can fill your details to be registered for the business opportunity, you can then go ahead to the bank to make payment for a prepaid voucher. You can call me to guide you every step of the way – +2348037228919.

Yours Truly,

Adeolu Akinyemi

(You can modify this mail and send to your friends, you can also use this post or lead them here with your own link)


Hurry, you can typically get your laptops after 3-7days of booking. You however have till Friday if you desire to pay and pick immediately, this offer is valid while stocks last! This is a win-win opportunity and you can’t lose – except of course you ignore this message. Remember, if you always DO what you have always DONE, you’ll always succeed in getting exactly what you’ve always GOT! Also, don’t wait till your friends tell you, be a first.

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