Are you interested in a plan to earn more and save more this year?

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Deolu Akinyemi

Many people have it in their plans this year to do more, be more and achieve more.
Goals like the following are not far fetched

1. Increase my net worth by 200%
2. Earn N5M extra this year
3. Save N4M towards XYZ this year
4. Have a Side Hustle or Plan B this year

The list goes on and on.

The first 2 weeks of the year are then judiciously utilized to find that side hustle, or at least consider a lot of options before deciding what to do and what not to do.

It’s so exciting isn’t it, that while we are all planning to earn more, we have no plans of losing money. Sure nobody goes into a year planning for losses. We all plan to win, crush our competition and be victorious, interestingly our competition feels exactly the same way. We should all know, when Argentina and Brazil are playing football, the team whose prayer gets answered is the one that is most prepared. Wishing will not make great things happen, you need a strategy, and you need counsel.

There are quite a lot of side hustles that can make you earn extra and save extra. There are also a lot of schemes and scams that can take away your hard-earned cash. I have seen both, done both, and have been involved in getting people on both trains, but no more!

This year, I’ll be sharing lots of benefiting opportunities as I find them, and you will have the option of choosing what you want to do. I will offer insight and maybe even education, but I will restrain myself to only driving one thing publicly and privately myself and that is The Green Mondays. It’s my opportunity to offer a tangible product (Rida Range of Products), with proven efficacy (over 100 babies and counting for people with fertility challenges), loads of amazing testimonials (monthly journal of testimonies), and an opportunity to empower people in a sustainable way.

I’ll also be sharing enlightenment on opportunities that allow you to earn with simple skills (MS PowerPoint), and some with complex skills (Video Editing). With some, you will earn in dollars and with some, you will earn in Naira. I will also be able to link you with people who can teach you the skills you need to learn, or you can partner with those who have the skill while supplying what you have the capacity for.

So, are you interested in earning more or saving more this year? Follow me closely and subscribe to my updates.

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1 thought on “Are you interested in a plan to earn more and save more this year?”

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