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“A man would have to keep his mouth open a long, long time before a roasted pheasant flies into it” – Irish Proverb.

It is no joke, that you need to take action if your current circumstance will change for better. No amount of complaining worrying or philosophising will change what currently exists and transform your life to one of beauty and awe. If things are going to happen differently, it’s because you took deliberate steps, because you analyzed available information, took decisions and made a move. I’m about to provide you with information about businesses I approve of, and subtly describe to you the ones I don’t. The information you are about to read, is coming from a wealth of experience in these lines, and thorough research both by reading and by a experiencial research.

I have kept quiet publicly about a few of these opportunities for a while, but am excited to write about them today. I am reminded as well that silence could be a lie.

“When something important is going on, silence is a lie” – A.M. Rosenthal

The endorsements and approvals you are about to read are not exhaustive, they are my opinions and you can feel free to quote me.  I will share with you clearly where I stand, and why I stand where I stand. If an opportunity you are involved with  is not endorsed on this list, it’s possibly because I either do not know about it, or I do not approve of it. You can simply send me an email on and I will let you know my thoughts and position on particular companies.

1. Holidays and Cash Limited.

Without mincing words, this is the fairest referral based business I have ever been involved in or studied. I have been involved with over 10 companies in my desire for success, I have studied the product list and rewards plan for over 20, none compares with Holidays and Cash in it’s fairness, ease and response to the request of the customers. It’s not get rich quick, and neither is it few winners many losers. This is a plan where everybody actually wins and I mean everybody.

Holidays and cash has a growing list of products, the premier product was the privilege pack – this helps whoever buys to virtually become a travel agent. With the privilege pack you can book for flights (local and international), hotels and special offers, and you can get deals that beat the market by a far margin on hotels in particular. This is a product I have tested, and have tons of testimonies from people that used it. Very much unlike companies whose owners are not known like Getawayclub (that currently owes me over $30,000USD and has stopped responding to my mails), Holidays and Cash is backed by people who are confident to make themselves, their family and their board members known to the public. Holidays and Cash also has introduced new products like a hot selection of ebooks worth over $3000 as an addon to the privilege pack as an inclusive product. There are other products like laptops, training, a branding kit, e.t.c.

From my analysis, the referral based reward system used by H&C beats any board system by 200% – 5,000% depending on the size of your network. As opposed to boards based systems that typically grind to a halt in less than 2yrs, this model has examples that have been sustained for over 50yrs. After over 6months inactivity in H&C while studying the model, I’m glad to put my seal of approval on this business opportunity. Should you be interested in this, you can count on my support to help you succeed. Remember, this moment you start this your mind is transistioning from that of an employee to an entrepreneur. It’s not up to any company anymore, it’s up to you! My lady friends from Abuja who started on Friday have already earned by monday. In this opportunity 7 days make one pay, not 30 days. It’s early to be a part of this now, don’t procrastinate. The cheapest product is $250 the privilege pack which currently has been merged with the e-books that used to be a seperate product and more expensive.

While I will not want to talk in numbers, let it be sufficient to say that earnings on H&C and for many people around me, has very well helped to make these times exciting. In an age where payments for overseas properties is still in dollars and the naira is so weak, earning in dollars has really helped. It’s exciting to earn every week, no matter how big or how small. The quality of the people on this network is also really inspiring.

2. Questnet

It is someone that has never been to another person’s farm that says his father’s farm is the biggest. Questnet is a record breaking company and in my opinion a worthy role model for any Network Marketing company that wants to succeed in the long term. Questnet makes me feel that with H&C I’m a part of something that will become big. The model is similar to H&C, but the company is 11yrs older. In 11yrs, Questnet has built a 5.5million customers base, and is well on it’s way to be the most inspiring network in the world. The corporate positioning of this organization is intimidating, from sponsoring brasil, having a team on the next to fomular 1 race, being a part of CHOGORM business unit, and ranking as a billion dollar organization, Questnet has done very well in just 11yrs.

Questnet also has a good product list that spans wellness, telecommunication, jewelry, numistatic coins, timeshare e.t.c. Questnet’s most popular product in Nigeria is the Biodisc, it’s simply a scientific wonder!  It has proven health and industrial solutions and remedies, and it actually saves me good costs on my fuel via my generator and my car. They say the pudding is in the tasting, that’s what the experience with this product and the other products are. Questnet also pays weekly, and their initial product cost is a minimum of $600 or in the neighbourhood. It’s binary, not a board, so once again an option for people who want to still earn passive income when they have retired from active marketing. Because this company has been around for 11yrs, there are actually people today who earn about $30,000 per week today even if they are not actively building their network, and guess what some of the biggest people there today started at age 23-27. Today they have houses all over the world and are about footballer status.

While questnet is good on it’s own merit, it always makes me delighted that I am a part of Holidays and Cash, one from the past and one from the future. This network also has a lot of good quality people.

3. I.F.A

This is one company that clearly stands out in terms of legal standing in operating in Nigeria. It’s in an industry where there are a lot of regulations, but it has managed to stay aligned with all the regulations. The product is life insurance, and this company provides an opportunity to take care of your family, by preparing for them in your lifetime and in your demise. A very crucial product.

The I.F.A model is not as generous as the last two, but the sentiments attached to the product makes it a winner. I.F.A pays you for 6 generations deep to pick a product that I think should be made mandatory for all responsible human beings older than 18. The cash requirement for starting with I.F.A is quite small compared to most companies, it makes it easy for anybody to join. They have also built credibility with 2.5million customers on the same company in South Africa, so the picture of the future is clear. They also have a really strong system, of facilitators of training centres and consultants. Your work is quite simple, just invite, meet and follow up.

It’s a model that you need to keep working at to earn, the chances for afterwork passive income is quite low, but it’s life insurance, so for as long as you are alive, you can refer someone, and the company has sufficient local presence to assure you that they’ll pay while you are alive and don’t have a problem paying your beneficiaries when you are no more. The network also has a good number of Nigeria finest seniour business men.

There are a number of other great network marketing companies in town, the key thing to watch out for are: do they have a product you can live with if you don’t earn a dime? Is there an opportunity to earn passive income for years after you stop? Are the owners known and proud to show their faces in your country? Can the system be cheated? (Boards can be cheated and loads of people have become opportunists driving these companies). Do you need to buy products you don’t need to stay active or not? There is so much junk out there, and somehow if we really face it, we all have a fair idea what is good and what is not. Let’s all learn to follow our basic instincts. For more clarity about any of these feel free to buzz me at This post is blocked from people submitting their links for any of the companies.

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