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Deolu Akinyemi

Everyday, I’m learning, in fact I’m currently on a 30 day course! One of the demands of this course is that whatever it is I’m learning, I take the diligence to also give back and teach others. Remember you have not truly learnt a thing until you have taught someone else. Education analysts say that what you teach others get’s retained about 90% more.

Despite the fact that there is so much activity going on these days, I am deliberately learning, and pushing myself. None of us has an excuse.The day we stop learning is the day we start dying.

Please pay attention to the four tools below, they may wear new names (that’s courtesy of Robin Sharma who’s training I’m in), but they are timeless tools that if you use can really help you to achieve more. Watch out though, whatever you do not put time action steps to execute within the next 24hrs is lost. All you read of these tools will be useless to you tomorrow, if you don’t determine to act on them immediately and if you don’t determine to teach someone else and hold yourself accountable.

Tool 1: Ideation
Everything begins with a thought. Have a dream book, it’s like a vision board in a book. Create things that have to do with all the areas of wealth (lifestyle, health). Start creating pictures and ideas of the life you want to live. Images impress the subconscious mind and gives you more power and clarity.

Question: The Dream book, by when will you have done this?

Tool 2: Visualization
Visualization is very powerful. Form a holy hour, close your eyes and see the pictures of your ideal images in the various aspects of life. Create a mental video of the life of your dreams, and take time out to watch it daily. Don’t watch it flatly, watch it with emotions.

Question: The holy hour, when will you start this?

Tool 3: Verbalization
Words are higher levels of thought. Whatever you say to yourself consistently your subconscious begins to believe. Whatever your subconscious believes will soon become your reality. Develop a leadership vocabulary, develop the vocabulary of the world class.

Sample Daily Declarations

Everyday and in every way I’m getting better and better and stronger and stronger. (or healthier and healthier or richer and richer or better and better as a leader, or happier and happier, whatever you want to work on).

I’m joyfully creating a world class business and joyfully creating a world class life.

Clean up your language, don’t finish yourself with careless words. Never say my business is going down, except you really want it to go down! Use your mind and emotions to feel your words. You need to connect your emotions, they are powerful, emotions have no limits, the mind is the limiter. Your emotions are liberators! Be emotionally invested in your projects. Greatness comes from passion and beneath the passion is emotions.

Repeating declarations about 100 times daily is powerful!

Question: When will you start holding yourself accountable to 100 declarations per day?

Tool 4: Materialization
Act on your big ideas. Small daily improvements over time lead to sterling results. Do 5 little things each day. Start today. DIN – Do it Now! Be an action person. The difference between you and your next level, is your commitment to action!

Question: Your daily 5 things to do to develop your business, when will you write them, and when will you start acting on them?

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