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Deolu Akinyemi

The Polity in Nigeria is quite heated, friends are willing to quarrel over aspirants they did not know 4 months ago. Strangers are willing to mal-handle each other over aspirants they do not truly know. Everybody want’s their person to win, nobody wants to lose.

Sometimes I play the video of my imagination past the now, into the future, I evaluate the possibilities if my candidate wins, and if others win. Will the momentum built by the opposition parties be well managed, or will it create instability? I did a survey based on these thoughts, the results I got were scary and I think it depends on many factors.

My analysis of the political terrain however shows one interesting reality. No matter who wins, Nigeria can never be the same again. The heated debates and campaigns have made all the parties promise us what we the Nigerian people truly deserve, a New Nigeria. Nobody can get there and take us for granted anymore. Rigging is no longer sufficient, the will of the people and their desires will count!

My heart silently aches over the tense arguments and discourteous use of words by old and young! Most of us are too far from where anything is being shared (when it’s being shared), hence our words and arguments are devoid of financial motivation, but by our desires for change. Our desires for a Nigeria we can be proud of, our desires to tell our children that when they sing the phrase “the labors of our hero’s past”, that our names are in there. Our desire for a Nigeria we can believe in, not one we can be leaving. That even though we were inspired by men, what we passionately strove for was a New Nigeria! And that win or lose, we actually won, because we may not get what we want, but we’ll get what we need! We are certain that when we do our best, God helps us with the rest. We are confident, that God desires that we live to our fullest expression, as individuals and as a nation and that he is more interested in a New Nigeria than all of us.

My heart is burdened, that if the leaders and candidates are at war with themselves and dedicate articles to demean each other, our fight should not be against people, but against corrupting systems, against poverty, against unemployment, against violence, insecurity and so many vices that bedevil our otherwise great country. Oh, I’m not free of blame myself and I indeed apologize. My passion for change has made me utter words not befitting a king. I have lashed out at people I hold in high esteem, demonized people with different views, castigated great yet opposing candidates and criticized pastors. Though I have my claim to truth, I am sorry indeed. The first step in our prayer for change, is that we the people that are called by God’s name, must humble ourselves, and turn from our wicked ways. Then God will hear from heaven, and heal our land.

If we focus more on counting our blessings, we’ll realize that never in our nation’s recent history have we been blessed with such a quality of aspirants. If we challenge ourselves to find the positives in every aspirant, we would indeed find, and some of what we will find would be exciting.

Brothers and Sisters, let’s quit the war. Let’s turn our swords to agricultural instruments and be ready to support the change we desire once voting is done. All those who are in the political scenes today, have 10-15yrs of Political relevance. We have 30-40 active years ahead of us, the future is ours, and it’s our responsibility to guard it. It’s time to pray for God’s will, time to pray for peace and healing. It’s time to rebuild our walls and infrastructures, it’s time for a fresh start. While we pray, it’s also time to watch. To cast our votes for our conscience, and to understand that in a democracy, the winner is the one that the majority wants, and that it is our responsibility as citizens, to accept whoever wins and provide the necessary support and checks to move our democracy forward.

I have a dream of a Nigeria that works, a Nigeria that my children can school in and stand taller than students from anywhere in the world in every way. I have a dream of a Nigeria where corruption, power failure, insecurity, poverty, ethnic or religious bias only exists as history topics. I have a dream of a Nigeria where the street cleaner has her own house, where announcing “I’m a Nigerian” makes everybody around you feel comfortable that a competent and trustworthy person is here. The future we desire is possible, from now till the elections are over, I invite you to join us as we pray! If you can even fast, you are welcome as well. Wherever you are, at Noon daily. Let’s pray! Prayer points will be seen across the facebook status pages of many of us.

North, South, East, West, Muslim, Christian or neither, under God, we are One!КартиниПравославни икони

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