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Deolu Akinyemi

I just finished a post I had written since yesterday night, and in one click of a button I have lost it all. It’s painful, very painful. I hope I’ll get time to write it again – it’s titled, “Your Job: How much Longer?”. I’ll write it again as soon as I am motivated to.

I however had 3 posts on my mind, and I guess this one will be the first of the three to make it to the eye of the public.

This is not my first or second time in the UAE, I’ve been here, it’s almost like a second home now, but every time I come here, it really pushes my thinking buttons. These guys are advancing regularly and are set to beat every country in the world in development and advancement. I’ve been opportuned this time around to move around a few of the emirates, Sharjah, Fujerah, Dubai, I’ll be heading for Ajman and Abu Dhabi in the next few days as well. So far, I look around and see the beauty, the splendor and the commitment to excellence, and I ask myself, what do these people have that we don’t have?

In my quest for answers, I have come to learn two things that I have determined to inculcate in my own life. I already know that my life cannot remain the same again. I’m sharing them with you, so that you don’t need to buy a ticket to come and see before you begin to implement them.

What does the Emirate have? What makes Dubai different from Nigeria? Why are people who used to exist as different countries collaborating together and competing positively? Why are they a 24hr city? Why are people picking up refuse at night? Why are their hospitals so equipped? Why are they so freaking good? Is it the quality of talent? Is it mineral resources? Is it the weather? Is it the religion? Is it their system of government?

In trying to answer these questions, I learnt two things.

1. Vision: One of the things that is so clear about these people is that they know what they want. They have a clear picture of what they want to achieve and what success looks like to them. Before the start a mall, they put up a billboard that has it’s picture. Before they build the estate it’s already on display and pre-sold about 2-4yrs ahead. I got a property like this in Dubai last year, it’s not finished yet, but even I a visitor know what it’s going to look like. Vision is one of the very clear strengths of the Emirate’s leadership. They see it, they make sure that the city sees it. According to the laws that govern the universe, that I am aware of, it’s every reason why they are so successful. Thoughts become things.

Do you have a clear vision for where your life is heading? Will you grow old and be rich? Where will you live, what will you drive, how many children will you have, how will they be? What is your dream job? Where will you be in 5yrs? What is your aspiration? Do you have any pictures pasted around you for your dream car or home? Do you have a dream? Do your friends know where you are going? Is it on any billboard near you?

2. Standards: The Dubai citizens are not the reason why Dubai or any of the emirates is so great. I’ve met a few people in different industries here, and they are very good people, from different parts of the world. The Emirate is making us of the best from everywhere they can get it, and setting the standards. They insist on having the best equipments anywhere in the world, they insist on having the tallest buildings, the biggest malls, the best equipped hospitals e.t.c. They have standards, and don’t settle for less.

Do you have personal standards? Do you seek to be the best? Are you learning passionately? Are you worth the best? Do you pay special attention to little details? Are you a local champion? Standards make all the difference.

I have decided to step up my game, to do and not just to think, what about you?

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