Why I’m not Joining 6startravel

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Deolu Akinyemi

should I?

It seems these foreign MLM developers have suddenly discovered that we Nigerians are mugus. They have made us the destination of all forms of wittily crafted MLMs these days. These MLM’s offer zero value to Nigerians in general. A few people make money, but most people just occupy spaces in their boards, without products of any value.

The clubfreedom argument was tough initially, convincing people about the products and all, but when the others came in, the resistance had been eroded, and they could all just come in and product or not, take advantage of ignorant and wealth seeking Nigerians. Just yesterday there were marketers from different nations and Nigeria, trying to get me involved in 6startravel. I declined, and here is why.

All the programs I joined without believing in, have gotten many people joining under my network. Why? Because somehow because of my critical stance, I have become perceived as someone who will not join anything that was unnecessarily risky. I expected many more will come sooner, but what really takes me aback is the fact that these programs are all owned by Australians that are increasingly seeing that Nigeria is a good market. Some of these programs don’t even have patronage in their own countries, but trust Nigerians – No due diligence required, it’s risky, but if they pay? (Tete mentality)

Why am I not joining? I am not joining because I currently know of an initiative that is coming up soon that will have an effect on me similar to what Clubfreedom did. I started Canadian Diamond Traders shortly before I heard of clubfreedom and I  haven’t cycled from it till date. I joined CDT when CF was the next big thing.

Everybody is looking for the next big thing, and in my opinion, 6startravel is not the next big thing. I have seen and heard of the next big thing, and I am waiting for it. It pays more in every way and is more in touch with Nigerians than any of the other programs. On the day it becomes public, readers here will be first to know.

Of course I expect the customary different opinions and perspectives, but I advice that if you can’t afford to pay $200 twice or throw one away… then wait for the next 1 week. But if you can, sure you can have fun… but this time around don’t let anyone tell you I’m on the boards and coded… I’m not even allowing people to pay for me or advertise here. If they paid for me, the slot is their’s.

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