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If I tell you that I wasn’t shocked about the returns from ecash invest, then I am not telling you the truth. I was shocked, not when the month of October ended like most people, but much earlier. After I saw the returns for the first week of October, I wasn’t only shocked, I was infuriated!

To complicate matters, I wasn’t a novice to Forex trading and I had right there in my office one of the best Forex hands in Nigeria to discuss with. Like I do normally, I took up a debate in my office with this Forex Trader and Trainer trying to take the side of Ecash invest, taking this position usually arms me with a lot of points to push back with the other side (Ecash Invest International). Ecash had returned 0.88% in a week that we were also trading in and had made much better profit. I had to know what was going on, I swung into immediate action and took up my contacts in ecash invest on what I perceived to be unacceptably small returns. We had a two hours argument and exchange of words, we stopped and continued later. I knew I was their point of contact here, and people would ask me questions. I had to know, and after 1 week, I got an understanding that put things in perspective for me, and I think you should benefit from that knowledge, and take your decisions.

Eventually at the end of the month of October (26th), with less than one week’s trading in September they came up with 5.29% as the ROI for One month. This is my understanding of the way things are and the way they’ll go. Once again my thoughts.

1. I was not happy with ecash invest about the returns. I mean why develop presentations that give the expectations of 20% as monthly ROI if it wasn’t going to be the normal monthly returns. Yes I understand that they had a disclaimer that says put only amounts you are willing to loose, but I thought that was just to protect them, and not for them to start up in this way.

They explained to me that during their demo period, they discovered that the company they were trading with was very aggressive in risk taking. He made 44% in the first 13 days, but almost all the gains within the next few days after. The had to make a choice between an HYIP that would blow away in time or create an investment that will be safe and last for years and years. They chose to be safe and decided to change their trading company to one of the ranked best 10 in the world. I tried to get the name of the particular one, but couldn’t. I however was able to ascertain that they were one of these 10 – here

2. The returns are low, even if they traded for 1 month only, despite the fact that my money has been with them for over 2 months, does it mean they could only do 5.29% in one month? I was so sure of their capability to do a lot better that I had seriously encouraged some of my close friends to invest more than $10,000.

If you check the link above, it will show you the average monthly returns of some of these biggest currency traders. What it shows me is that what we can expect to see every month is between 3-8% monthly. All these companies are regulated, and even trade on behalf of banks. Their monthly returns vary, but they make steady profits. It shattered my plans, I had so much I had planned on that money…lol. Now I have rearranged my plans, if you are looking for a quick buck, ecash invest will not deliver it -sadly, but at least now we know. I reasoned with them, if they were in this for a game, nothing stops them from paying us handsomely for the first 6 months and plummeting after, but they are serious about not faking it. If they can win a reputation for doing 3-4% consistently, I guess I’ll just use them to balance my risk portfolio. I have done relaxbiz, incomestorm and many others that have paid handsomely but have gone down. I am young and according to my age risk calculator, I have stomach for some risk, if you already have sufficient low risk investment and you are craving for high risk, you can go ahead and take your money after 30days and blow it on one of the HYIPs… and pray it doesn’t go the way of the so many before it.

3. Safety Issues. Ok, they are not doing as much as I expected, and it doesn’t look like they will, it’s still somehow ok, but is my money safe? I have read the disclaimers and they are very scary… I have read them over 5 times, and wonder why someone will write so much negative things and still expect me to invest?

Well, Forex Trading is risky, the market is very volatile – moves up 100% or down 100% all in one day. There are proven strategies that work in the Forex Market, there are professionals and there are gamblers. They have chosen to go with the professionals. Nothing in life is 100% full proof, but compared to a lot of investment program online that you don’t know anybody, this one you can know people. I hear authoritatively that they are planning to be in Nigeria soon – I’ll keep you informed.

Some of us are die hard optimists, we choose to believe in our country when it doesn’t look like we should, we chose to believe in ourselves when our grades tell us otherwise, we chose to believe in others even though they have betrayed our friendship. Maybe that is why I believe. I feel I owe a lot of people some healthy updates on goings on with Ecash-Invest. I was hoping this would be a fast way of people making back what people claim to have stuck on the boards. The returns are not near what I hoped they would be, and not as they originally planned (I guess), hence it’s not having the effect I anticipated in waking things up yet, but for me, it’s still a way to balance my already risky portfolio. Someone else may decide to wait and divest. It all depends on the state of your portfolio and what is priority for you.

If you have 10million Naira, where would you invest it? Certainly not in those HYIPs, I have played with a lot of Hyips and never invested more than $2,000 on any and they have always gone down at a point. I put tens of thousands in ecash invest, just because of a relationship and what I believe. Everybody should please review their portfolio and go with their guts. Thankfully they have just revealed they’ll not be holding the money for 90days, but will be letting go in 1 month.

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