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Deolu Akinyemi

It’s been a while I have written as consistently as I normally would. I have been on the move, adding value to what might seem a minority, but what is surely becoming a mighty army of people. Ever so often, I meet someone however, who reminds me of what a blessing my site has been to him or her, and I’m reminded never to ever underestimate the power of this blog and who may be reading. With due respect to that reality, I have yet again decided not to completely close this channel, but to strive to every motivate and inspire my online friends and audience.

The journey of personal development is not an easy journey, but if the needed prices are paid, it can be pleasurable. Trust me, travelling around the world on vacations with different teams of people can be so much fun. Learning their cultures, reading their history,  meeting the locals, sight seeing and all sounds like play, but if you where the cap of a student and a teacher, there is so much that is revealed. I long to share the lessons from the Maldives, to share insights from The Gambia and touch a bit on my breath-taking tour of Cotonou, Ivory Coast and Senegal – remind me I said breath taking :). But today, I’ll want to share something that almost brought tears to my eyes, and the reason, why I will for the next few decades passionately recommend that you become a part of this global opportunity.

Below is the Letter from a 2 Generations Down-line.

Good day sir,

The purpose of this mail is to express my gratitude to you for being a coach, mentor and role model.

The events of the past few weeks have turned a lot of things around in my life. Starting from the Ilorin Summit, the earnings, the trip and the other little things here and there. I am finally winning a lot of my hitherto skeptical folks to my side. The summit in Ilorin (though not exactly big) lent a lot of credence to me and my “controversial” vision. The rise in my income in the past few weeks has also contributed to removing doubts and fears. The trip to the Maldives has also lent credibility to my business (I still really don’t know how to thank you for that). Even beyond this, I cannot fail to recognize the fact that I started this journey with absolutely no knowledge as to the methods to go about it. But your guidance and patience saw me through this and I couldn’t have achieved all these without you.

I only pray that God will bless you and your family abundantly. You believed in us when there was nothing to believe in. I know I am not there yet. I still have a long way to go but I believe I shouldn’t go without expressing this. There are still so many lessons to learn from you but I believe there is really no way  to repay you for all these. Maybe I will just have to commit myself to helping others too (then I will know that I am passing down your legacy).  This is just a short note to express my gratitude Sir.

God bless you Sir.

Best Regards,

Name Withheld

Fear is the passion of slaves

IF the only reward I get from passionately driving holidays and cash is this type of mail once in a while, it’s worth it. One mail like this for me, balances out on many criticisms. If all of us, could have 12 people, just 12, that we can point out and say that our lives, activities and words made a remarkable difference in these lives, it would be well worth it.

I remember the comment made about the disciples of Jesus, they were unlearned men, but the word took notice of something -“these men had been with Jesus”. The most exciting testimony a man or institution can share, is the testimony of another persons life changing by close association. This, is one of many mails that I have been privileged to receive since my putting my heart, passion and mind behind this global opportunity. Now that we are gradually taking position in the world of real estate, and venturing into strengthening the capacity of the distributors by life changing education and empowering the network to communicate through and through at virtually free – it’s getting exciting!

Are you young and looking for an opportunity to change the world? Holidays and Cash has an opportunity for you. Are you old and retiring and looking for legitimate options to drive? Holidays and Cash has within it businesses you can fall back on, and you can rely on this company. Are you looking for fun and excitement and understand the boredom of going it alone? We have the social dynamics that makes “going together” so much fun. Do you know the meaning of leverage? Holidays and Cash is totally leverage!

They say if you want to get there fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, let’s go together. Today, the Nigerian team has crossed the 17,ooo mark. Our eyes are towards the hundreds of thousands, towards the millions and tens of millions. We are looking for future oriented people like you, people that have integrity like you, people that can train and develop others like you. Whatever the problems we have today, it’s because we do not yet have you. Don’t go it alone, let’s do this together.

The journey has been exciting, rewarding and fulfilling, this is why I passionately recommend!

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