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Deolu Akinyemi

Nigeria is under imminent attack by the most powerful nations Russia, USA and Germany. All attempts to broker peace with your leadership has failed, the borders are shut and nobody flies out. There is going to be war, and in 90 days the bombs will start falling. You have just been selected by the UN as their representative to warn all innocent Nigerians and get them to relocate to a village in Ondo. All you have is 90 days, anyone outside this territory will not be guiltless.

I had many interesting answers to this question in Church yesterday, but here is a summary of what seems practical.

1. You would believe they are serious! You will check their antecedents and come to a conclusion.
2. You would first take the Job! You will re-arrange everything else you are doing to line up with it.
3. You will accept their leadership (lordship), you will not really consider what you like doing or don’t like doing! You will wonder how you are even qualified to do this, why they selected you.
4. The reality of their power and influence would inspire you to make this your life. Fear and Love will mix together.
5. You will engage everyone you meet, you will be very particular about your family.
6. You will recruit others and empower them to represent you and help speed up the work.
7. You will use whatever power they make available to you for the purpose.

Does this match the answer of what you are doing currently as Christ’s representative in the earth? Or have you assumed that God is not as powerful as Russia, USA and Germany? Our passiveness at the commandments of Jesus betrays our true convictions about God! If God is great, and we truly understand that he breaths the stars into place and with his words created the entire universe, if we truly believe that he’s alpha and omega and dwells in a timeless eternity, we would not take is commandments and commission so lightly.

Does your belief in Christ warrant any action? Does your faith cause you to rearrange your life to carry out His mission? Is he truly Lord? Do you love and fear him? Do you engage everyone you meet? Is it real to you that hell awaits those who reject Jesus? Are you endowed with power from on high? Is the power for the purpose of witnessing? Or is it a nice to have?

Tell me, what will you do?

You have just be selected to be a God Representative under the leadership of Jesus Christ. He heads the Body called Christ. His kingdom is at hand, and the whole earth and heaven will be destroyed. The only people who will be saved are those who repent, sell off all they have and come into his ownership. He simply says – Follow Me! Let my mission become your mission!

Or better still, what have you done? Jesus is the express image of God! Nothing in the universe was created without him. He runs the world through His body, the Church.

Are you a disciple of Jesus?

God bless you.






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