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If you are reading this, then it’s because you spend quite a considerable amount of time on the internet.  I remembered in 2001 when I opened my first page online. I was so fascinated with the internet that I would just come up with names and type dot com in front of them. E.g. go.com score.com lawyer.com, travel.com etc

I hadn’t discovered Google then and it was difficult to expand my mind about what good websites where available. It wasn’t until later that I stumbled on Google, learnt about Search & later  hi5 & TIG etc.

I spent my early years wandering on the internet without really doing something meaningful except check my email & hang out on Hi5. Now I am more enlightened and I tend to do something more meaningful.

Therefore, as a first post on this blog, I have decided to share with you 5 things you REALLY should do online so as to maximise the time you spend on it & at the same time create value:

  • Start a blog: Yes, if you don’t have a blog yet, then you really need to start one. It doesn’t matter what you write about, you’ll find your voice and subsequently your audience.  Xiaxue blogs about make-up’s & random travel rants and gets as much as 60,000 visitors weekly. I believe you can start a blog and build massive readers for it. If you have a blog already…then stick with it…you have  raving fans who enjoy your Blogpost, either they leave comments or not.
  • Watch Ted.Com: I currently use a CDMA 3G and I’m able to watch videos on Ted.com without skips. Ted allows you to watch videos of “Ideas worth spreading” and each speaker gets 18 minutes to present ideas in engaging and innovative ways. I have watched our own Chimanda Adichie give a speech on the “The danger of a single story” and it was inspiring. I also have watched Richard Branson talk about how he started out. All in all, TED is one of the most educative resources that I use online…and I encourage you to use it too
  • Create a Facebook Page: Yes, there are millions of Nigerians on Facebook. I have seen lots of bizarre Facebook pages that have thousands of fans and I’ve come to the conclusion that just anyone can create one. Examples include this & this. Simply be creative about your pages and you can get massive followership.
  • Start an online Radio Station: Yep, you can own your own Radio station online. And no, you don’t need NBC’s approval; neither do you need massive infrastructure. Do you have any special talent? Do you have knowledge about something specific? Do you have passion for a specific idea that can be shared? Then simply download & install Audacity to record your voice, and  upload your 5-30 minutes recording on www.mypodcast.com, then invite your friends to listen to your recording and there you go…you have your own radio station.
  • Start An online TV Station: Yes, same applies. You can do an onscreen recording of your presentation (could be powerpoint) using  camstudio (its Free!!!), create a Channel and upload on youtube. Your channel can be specific to a topic with thousands of visitors. A very good example is Lisa’s Youtube Channel that has 25,0000 suscribers. And by the way, if you have an excuse that you are using a slow connection, I am sure that you can record 5 minutes video and upload in parts and this can make your upload easier.

So…instead of wasting too much precious time checking pictures, waiting for your friends to leave status updates on facebook so you can comment & reading gossip wesites, you can become a creator of something meaningful on the internet and create a cult following for yourself. I have given you some very good ideas to start with….So get on with it…

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