The Predatory Preacher

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Deolu Akinyemi

“Except a man be born again he shall not see the kingdom of God”, he thundered to the fearful audience that came for service in the morning

But ‘let me come in from behind he echoed to the girl who had become his playmate (sexmate) every night

“No fornicator will make heaven”, he groaned passionately as he delivered his Sunday service

But let us quickly do it he moaned as he stole out of bed to meet the needy girl living at the vicarage

“I don’t understand what is so special about sex”, he preached in the morning

“But you are the best thing to have happened to me”, he remarked after another round of intercourse with the girl next door.

Hhmm! Every morning he led others towards the right path but every evening he groaned under the weight of the same challenge. Every morning he looks invincible and untouchable but every night he looks uncontrollable as he solicits for sex. Come to think of it, he looks so pious dressed in his priestly regalia in the morning but is so wild when it has to do with bedmatics.

He knows it is wrong and he sure needs help but who will heal a doctor who is renowned for healing others.  How does he break free from these besetting sins that he detests so much but has become uncontrollable?

How does he break free from doing the things he doesn’t want to do and begin to do what he should do?

He has wept out his eyes and asked God to take this cup of hypocrisy away from him. He really wants to open up and break free from the weight of guilt but wondering if he would still command the same level of respect and honour if he dares blow open the lid, after all a Levite doesn’t cry or better still a man doesn’t cry. But he really needs to cry because the present weight of his secret sins is a reflection of the depth of his compromise.

He is getting away with it at the moment because the laws of the lands hasn’t empowered his victims to spill the bean. He is getting away with it because the babes love him enough to destroy his glorious ministry, and he is surely getting away with it because his Master is waiting for him to turn a new leaf.

He needs help no doubt, but he’s too big to get help, after all the bigger the followership, the bigger the man! As he begins to ponder on getting help he hears a knock on his door and it is another vulnerable lady disguised as a counselee coming to get help from her issues. He counseled, she goes and returns with a testimony to praise the man God has used to set her free, while he remains under the shadow of a 2faced man.

He is burnt out but wouldn’t take a vacation because he wants to save more souls. And on and on he goes till his secret spark becomes an uncontrollable inferno in the name of a scandal, and by then it is too late.

In the morning he looks invincible in his religious regalia but at night he is vulnerable in the arms of his nemesis. He shouts Hallelujah in the morning but moans ‘you are too sweet’ at night but its a matter of time before the light is beamed on that darkness and it surely gives way to light as everything is exposed.

Will he open up now or wait for it to burst open? The choice is yours. As for me, myself and I, I chose to open up and got help. lol

Thanks for making out time to read this, but first apply it to yourself before you look too far. The preacher could be the MD of a company or even the client service executive in the bank. E fit be you ke? We all need one another and we can help one another because we may call ourselves spirit beings but we all live in the flesh. Can we get real for once and open up to one another to get help?

The whole world waits for us………………………

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