Uniting Entrepreneurs for Change: A Call to Action

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Deolu Akinyemi

Empowering Nigerian Entrepreneurs: Uniting for Change and Progress

In a world filled with dreams, struggles, and the pursuit of prosperity, I found myself in the company of a man whose journey was etched in his eyes. We crossed paths just yesterday, recommended by those who recognized his drive, yet beneath his confident exterior, I sensed the weight of unspoken pain. He was a man of action, one who got things done, with a focus on the bigger picture and less on the finer details. As our conversation evolved, we moved from tales of triumphs to the recounting of monumental failures. In those moments, I saw resilience and the enduring spirit of an entrepreneur who had weathered life’s fiercest storms.

Defining Leadership: A Question Worth Pondering

What kind of leader do you seek, I pondered, as we delved into deeper discussions. Is it the one who excelled in academia but has never ventured into the battlefield of life’s challenges, or the battle-scarred warrior who knows the intricate pathways of survival? Should a leader be defined by their victories or the scars they bear from their relentless struggles? It is a question that extends beyond entrepreneurship, reaching into the heart of leadership itself.

The Entrepreneurial Uphill Battle

Entrepreneurs in Nigeria face an uphill battle. It often feels like the world around us is indifferent, as though our efforts go unnoticed. In a land where the government often seems preoccupied with its own affairs, the entrepreneur must navigate a complex landscape, where self-reliance is the norm. In these trying times, we find solace in one another, in the shared stories of triumph against all odds. It is a celebration of the hustle, a testament to our collective resilience.

The Hidden Realities of Loss

Yet, let me share a glimpse into a recent moment in my life. When you saw me last week, radiating joy and dancing to the rhythm of life, it concealed a stark reality. I had just received news that NGN 3 million worth of chickens had perished. They fell victim to an induced by government policies that diverted essential maize from the market for palliatives. A promise, the same government had campaigned on, was broken – the very promise of “Agbado,” the food those chickens needed to survive. So, as you witnessed my carefree moments, understand that I had momentarily silenced the part of my brain that grappled with the weight of loss.

Resilience in Adversity

In the West, molting is considered a poor practice, but here, in our reality, it becomes a means of preserving life. It is the desperate measure we employ when our chickens starve due to a lack of food. We do what we must to salvage what we can.

A Call to Unite for Change

We are faced with a market where we bury eggs to save them from spoiling, and where we watch our chickens succumb to hunger. Our government, at times, appears to scramble with policies that lack empathy for the small-time hustler, the everyday entrepreneur. In this environment, we cannot sit idly by.

Change must come, and we are the architects of that change. It will not happen by simply folding our hands, nor will it come through distant lamentations. Our hope must remain steadfast. As a community, we must unite and consider the possibility of stepping into roles that represent our interests – to occupy those offices, both legally and legitimately. We need individuals in positions of power who truly understand our struggles, who feel our pain, and who are dedicated to addressing our concerns.

Taking Control of Our Destiny

Our salvation is within our control. The journey ahead may be arduous, but it is one we must undertake collectively. As entrepreneurs, we have demonstrated our resilience time and again. Now, let us channel that resilience into a force for change. The time has come to unite, to advocate for policies that support our endeavors, and to work toward a brighter future where entrepreneurship can thrive.

Together, we can create a Nigeria where every entrepreneur’s dream is nourished, where hurdles are transformed into stepping stones, and where the promise of a better tomorrow becomes a reality. Our destiny is in our hands, and together, we shall forge a path to a brighter future for all.

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