The Things You are Allowed to Quit 2

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Deolu Akinyemi

There are things we must not quit doing, and there are things that we need to give up to get up. As was written in the first in the things you are not allowed to quit series here, there is quite a long list of the habits that need to give way for new habits to be formed.

Here are a few other habits you need to quit!

4. Quit trying to be someone else: The best you can be trying to be someone else is a copy. Don’t rob the world of your originality by offering to be who you are not. You are a unique combination of strengths, challenges, values and character. Life is a middle game, where you are neither in the foremost front nor at the ultimate back. Don’t let the world put you into a box or box you into a corner. Don’t conform to the world, allow the world around you to feel the impact of the world inside you. Resist the urge to change so that people will like you, be who you are meant to be and the right people will appreciate you. Trying to please everyone is sure failure recipe.


5. Quit running from your problems: Someone once said, if everyone was asked to throw their problems into a dustbin, when you see other people’s problems, you’ll quickly grab yours back! Problems are lives examinations, to get promoted to the next level, you need to attend to the current examinations and ace them. Don’t go through life like a victim, decide you are a victor and see every problem as an opportunity to get to your next level.


6. Quit confessing and thinking rubbish: Our worlds are shaped by our words! Our lives gravitate in the direction of our thoughts which are shaped by our words. You can’t stay up talking down to yourself! You can’t create a reality that is so aggressively opposed by your words and thoughts. One of the major reasons people fall short of their potentials in life is self doubt and negative self talk. Like Eleanor Roosevelt said, “if you believe you can, or you can’t, you are right!” If we can get our thoughts and words to be positive and in alignment, then there is nothing that we set forth to achieve that we can’t achieve.


7. Quit criticizing others: The golden rule states that whatever you would have others do to you, do to them. More often than not, when we spend much of our time seeing the issues and problems with others, it’s a manifestation of our own deficiencies. We are apt to see in others, issues that also exist within our own lives. The negative energy dissipated in finding faults with others, is self destructive. The way to become a better person is the focus so much on developing and improving yourself that you don’t have the time and space to judge or criticize others. Small minds discuss other people!

To be continued.


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