The shocking news of how one of my old books inspired a multimillionaire

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Deolu Akinyemi

This happened to me today, so it’s so real to me! God knows how to send you encouragement when you really need it.

About an hour ago, I got a visitor. It was a reunion with someone I had not been in touch with for 25 years. We went to university together but had not been in touch. We had spoken on the phone last week, where he booked a meeting with me, but I was struggling to put a face to the name. When he walked into my office, I saw his face and reconnected that I had seen him before.

He took a seat while we tried to reconnect with a few people we had in common. After a few pleasantries, he went ahead to share with me news that brought tears to my eyes.

He told me he was here to share with me how I have impacted his life. He reminded me of how we met in Amphi Theatre while in school, and I told him to come for a tutorial I was taking for a subject he was struggling with. He told me how he eventually made a B in the course by attending the tutorials. That somehow, I had the ability to demystify complex things. His view of me was that I was not concerned about leading, just concerned about helping others succeed. In his words, “It seemed you were willing to give your life for others to succeed”. I was quite calm through the narrations, muttering thank God every chance I got.

He then told me an interesting story that really touched me. He told me that about 3 years ago, his brother attended training that I did, and after attending the training, the brother bought him one of my books. He got the book and read the book. According to him, that book demystified investing for him and gave him a strategic map for investing. In his words, “Based on that book, I made investments that are today worth over N500 Million.”

He told me that there was no way I could have any idea about how much my life had impacted him, but today, he decided to come around to tell me. He asked for my bank account number and did a transfer. “We are friends, but you are more than a friend to me; you are also my mentor,” he said. For emphasis, he told me who his 4 mentors in life were and how I was one of them. He mentioned the names of the others so I could see how valuable I was to him. I was just overwhelmed by it all, and I kept saying thank God.

Of course, he had gotten a copy of my latest book (Dear Entrepreneur) and committed to reading and revert to me. Interestingly, he had also written a book that had caused him to be invited by a University abroad to review the book for them.

Don’t bottle that knowledge inside you; don’t also be all out to exchange it for money. Give as freely as you have been given. The essence of our lives is to be a blessing to others. While I was in the 100 level in school, I wanted to prove that I was good, but once I crossed to 200 Level, God opened my eyes to realize that success was not what I struggled to make happen for myself, but my investment in making it happen for others.

Every time you evaluate your life, and all you can measure is money; you have lived badly. The true measure of our lives is measured in the value derived by others from our living.

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1 thought on “The shocking news of how one of my old books inspired a multimillionaire”

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