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Deolu Akinyemi

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It amazes me how many people live their lives on easy street. Ask them what they are doing currently, and the tell you about their work and daily commute, Seems uneventful, boring and typical. You ask what challenge they are facing, and the toughest they can come up with is the challenge of not having sufficient funds or something interesting that money quite easily solves. Nothing real, nothing mind racking.

Read this and understand – the easy road does not lead to greatness!  If greatness is your desire, you must be willing to change your current direction. The path of least resistance is a crooked path, if you want to blaze trails and be a leader, you have to be comfortable with rough roads. If you want to be an overcomer, you have to overcome. No examination, no promotion! If you want to get to the next level, life needs to put you in exam mode or you need to test yourself!

Tests give birth to testimonies. No battle, no victory. The situations of life that bring out the best in all of us are usually not quite palatable. They are rigorous, demanding and sometimes painful. To get yourself ahead in life, you need to stand up to the tests, if they are not coming, you need to go to where they are. Quit living a normal life, go for the extraordinary. Put your greatness to test.

Here are a few things you can do to test yourself.

1. Spice up your routine.

If you’ve been doing the same thing everyday for the last 1yr, you need to spice it up. Look for a project you can volunteer for in the office, look for something else you can add to ginger your day.  Say yes to work that takes you out of your comfort zone. Walk up to HR and ask them if they have anything you can be involved in – recruiting interviews, compensation and benefit surveys e.t.c. Test yourself.

2. Do More than a Job.

If you life revolves around just your job, the normal statistics say you are likely to end up broke and dependent. Get a life! Find something out of work to occupy you and help your development. Get active in church, find an opportunity that allows you to meet people, learn a new skill, join a society and become an official, do whatever you can to ensure your life is not just revolving around one gradually diminishing dot.

3. Learn something new!

Start a Blog! Change from Microsoft Windows to Linux! Get a Mac! Learn how to Sell (It’s the most important thing you’ll ever learn). Attend a seminar, get educated in new areas. Read strange books, read big books, read out of your normal comfort zone. Don’t say it’s difficult, remember, if all your life is easy, it’s not going to amount to much! When people tell you something is difficult, go for it.

4. Experience Small Dozes of failure.

I learnt something vital today… the light bulb in my head and heart went on simultaneously! Failure has a vaccine! And like all vaccines, they are made by giving you a shot of the same virus that causes the real disease. The only activity that makes you failure proof is getting involved in failure itself. You need small shots of failure to insulate you from failure and set you up for success. Get the failure vaccine! Test yourself.

Get yourself positioned for an examination and your next level beckons! No tests no testimonies, no trials no triumphs, no battles no victories. Test yourself.

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