Sudden Death

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Deolu Akinyemi

Fourteen years ago, I was a little younger than I am now. I recall a particular day, I was sitting in my shop, yes, my shop. Just after secondary school, a friend and I had decided to start up a business venture ahead of getting into university. The breaks in universities were usually long and unending in those days, so anything to while away the time was worth it. “Adonai Ventures”, it’s been 14yrs yet I cannot forget the office, the place and the partitioning. We were running a drycleaning agency, a barbing saloon, a card making company and a whatever else we could lay our hands on. Staying in the office was also developmental for me, as I got the opportunity to listen to tapes and read, and believe me, I read in those days!

There was a story I listened to back in those days, that made a strong impression on me. I can still see the tape, it was white. We played tapes back then in a black double cassette player, I can still remember that tape player, it was a blessing back in those days. We rocked it, and it still rocks my soul! This story is the one I want to share with you today. My hope, is that the same way it made an impression on me then, it will make an impression on you.

Once upon a time, there were two geese and a frog that got stranded in the same pond. The pond was big and vast, but was the only pond around for many miles. They had no choice, than to enjoy each others company. They were friends by circumstances, they had to make the most of the hand that life had dealt them.

It so happened that sometime during the year, the pond dried up and their supplies finished. Famine had hit the land, and like Abraham and Isaac, it was time to seek for new terrains. The geese would have it easier certainly, they could take off and fly for miles, but the frog has to hop, and hop and hop. They shared memories, had a chat together, and were going to bid each other farewell, when the frog came up with a dazzling idea.

Don’t leave me behind pls, the frog said. Why don’t we try something. Why don’t the two of you claw a piece of stick with your legs, while I wrap my mouth around the stick, and together we can fly far and long to new terrains together. That way, we retain our found friendship and you preserve my life. The geese found it inspiring, wow, that would be a site to behold, two geese and a frog, in harmony, stresslessly gliding across the skies in search of better economy. Sure why not, they decided to go for it.

True to design, the plan worked, and it was quite easy. The geese engaged their legs and freed their wings, the frog clamped the stick with it’s big mouth, and to the sky and onward they went.  They flew quite stresslessly and easily and peeped down once in a while to catch a glimpse of the territory.

As they journeyed along, they travelled over the farm of an old farmer. The farmer lifted up his eyes, and say this dazzling sight! Unbelieveable, a frog in the company of geese? Spectacular! A stick clawed inbetween their legs and a frog in flight? Awesome! Out of awe and excitement, he dared to ask, “who on earth thought through this phenomenum?” The winds carried the question to the ears of the frog, and in a hurry not to let the glory drift to another, he opens his mouth and answered…”I…. and crashed into sudden death.

I learnt.

1. When you are soaring in the skies and doing the unbelievable, shut up. In the heat of the ascent is not the best opportunity for public speaking. There is a time to speak and a time to refrain from speaking – wisdom is the ability to know the difference.

2. Glory does not fit a flying frog. Humans were not made to have any use for glory. Glory belongs to God, the day we want to reach out and take some for ourselves is the day we die. It might not happen literally, but the minute the plug of an iron leaves the power is not the minute it gets cold.

3. Frogs can fly, if they rely on their relationships. You can achieve any and everything you set your mind on, you just need the right desire and a meeting with the right people or person.

4. Some of our best relationships had rough starts. Don’t dump your friends because you had a quarrel, when you identify the no go areas, or bruise the delicate spots, what you have is clearer and stronger.

5. Pride comes before a fall. That’s true everyday and twice on sunday’s. You did it, so what?

6. …. Provide it…let’s learn.

Pride comes before a fall, and glory belongs to God. There are times when to stand tall, we must lay low. Half a word is sufficient for the well behaved, when it gets into his heart it becomes full. Think before you talk. Bone glory! We’ll get a lot more done, if we don’t care who takes the glory!

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