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Deolu Akinyemi

The first question ought to be, what is luck, does it exist? If it doesn’t, then what are we talking about? If it does, then how can we be lucky? Is there really a secret fomular for luck?

All these, reminds me of an occurence that happened lately, I had an opportunity to relay it with a team of people in the UK last week, and it dawned on me that it really was an interesting occurrence. We had BIT (Billionaires in Training) in Lagos Nigeria and after the event, we had our normal recap. For those who do not know, the major highlight of the BIT is an opportunity for people to network, play a fun game of Cashflow 101, do an extensive recap of the learnings from the game and share real life opportunities we can all partake of to make it out of the rat race. It’s usually an exciting time, and an opportunity to meet new people.

In this particular BIT, we were doing the recap and someone noted that he observed that in the game as in life, there was a lot of luck involved. He mentioned that he noticed that a particular couple were very lucky. They seemed to get the right opportunities, throw the right scores, they definitely had luck.

When it was the lucky couples turn to respond, the answer was shocking and interesting 😉

The guy (among the couple) spoke up, “we were not lucky!” He went on to analyze what they had done. Everytime it was their turn to play, they did not just go ahead and roll the dice, they actually counted what they needed and called it out before they played, not once, everytime. More often than not, it worked. He shared how before coming he had made up his mind to win, and had planned a strategy by which he would exit the rat race and buy his dream. One team thought there was luck, and the lucky team explained how it happened.

A long time ago, I personally came to discover the fact that more often than not, luck is the name we give to what we do not understand. A young man tells you he made a million dollars and you say, “oh, how lucky”. He explains how hard he’s worked for the last 10yrs and all of a sudden, you figure out, that’s not luck, that’s work! Luck exists mostly with the ignorant. Having defined the fundamentals, below is the secret fomular for geting lucky. Please read carefully and practice, it will change your life. It’s changing mine.

1. Nothing Just Happens!

The first step in the secret fomular to getting lucky is to understand that what is defined as luck is not arbitrary. Nothing in this life is arbitrary. Luck is the name we give to what we don’t fully understand. As Albert Eintein is quoted as saying, God does not play dice. The universe is designed on laws, God made no mistakess, he’s not going around trying to correct them.

2. Every Effect has a Cause!

There is a fundamental law that governs life. This law manifests itself in different forms, and can be seen in the Bible – Spiritual, in Physics – Physical and in philosophy – Mental. It’s the law of seed time and harvest, it’s the law that states that we do unto others as we want done to us. It’s the law that says that action and reaction are opposite and equal. Every success you see in this world can be replicated. All you need to do is analyze to obtain the root causes and replicate the root causes.

3. Expand your knowledge base!

Luck is limited to the things we have little or no knowledge about. If a student studies hard for an exam and aces a 90%, he’s not termed lucky, he’s termed hardworking. This is because we are all averagely knowledgeable about the fact that study translates to good results. If a guy body builds he’ll have a good build, if a lady exercises she should loose some weight. No one calls them lucky, why? Because we know about these things. If a person however becomes wealthy, becomes a leader or meets with our classification of successful, we say they are lucky, why? Because we don’t know that it’s replicateable! Search for knowledge abougt the areas you want to be successful in, search for the best, understand the dna of success in that section and replicate it.

4. Feed your Desire for Success!

In any area of life where you want people to say about you “She’s lucky”, fuel your desire! Desire is possibility seeking experession. Desire has the ability to make you a magnet for the object of your desire. If human beings were radios, deisre is their antenna. Desire tunes you to stations that existed all the while that you could not reach. Desire is the tuner that makes opportunities to jam preparation. Around about you where you are, there are tons of limitless possibilities, there are many stations playing, the one you can hear, is the one your desire is tuned to. To guage your seriousness about any possibility guage your desire.

5. Match Desire with Action

Your desire will typically be for a level much higher than where you currently are. It will also demand a higher level of excellence than you are currently demonstrating. It could also mean that your network needs an uplift as well. Deliberately begin to alter your level of service to match your desire. Don’t wait until things change, begin to change the things that you can. There must be a connecting activity between your current reality and your desired reality. That connecting point is quality action. A student that desires to be first, must being to read like someone who wants to be the first. The quality of reading matches the intensity of desire. Based on this quality, he/she begins to meet new friends and form new relationships. Ultimately, the goal is achieved.

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