Sorry I Had To Delete My WhatsApp

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Deolu Akinyemi

The last 10 days have shown me how much these apps have taken over our lives. It’s crazy and scary.

Please if I didn’t respond to your message well or at all, please pardon me and re-initiate it. I have lost a lot of messages over the last 2 weeks. I have also now lost 3 months of history.

What happened?

My WhatsApp just kept crashing, and I struggled to access it or reach people I needed to reach urgently. I had been planning my Book Launch – “Dear Entrepreneur”, which eventually happened on Dec 3 and was successful (In case you didn’t make it or have an opportunity to launch the book, you still can. Simply pay to Coach B & Stewards Acc Number: 0022980730. Stanbic Bank and notify me. From N25,000 to N100m is welcome 🙏)

In the middle of all this planning, I was getting frustrated with my WhatsApp. I could literally open it for 45 seconds a time after trying like 40 times in 10mins. Once it opens, I would quickly respond to the most urgent message; sometimes, before I hit send, it goes off again.

What was the problem?

WhatsApp had somehow taken 250GB out of my 512GB memory. This is the equivalent of one cell becoming cancerous and growing so big that death is inevitable. Talking of cancer, have you noticed it’s more rampant now than in our childhood? Do you know why? Experts say it’s because our eating habits, lifestyle and use of chemical medications 💊 have resulted in the weakening of our immune system (inner doctor) and radical cells in our body that should have been mopped up quicker by a stronger inner doctor are now left to grow. The way out is change! That change starts with regularly investing in your immune system – Get the RIDA Bitters and a range of products. Testimonies abound.

After trying everything possible, I decided to delete my WhatsApp completely. It took a while to go, and it also took a while to restore the last backup, which was Sept 7. Going forward, my phone is making lifestyle changes. It starts with swallowing the bitter pill (RIDA) of prioritizing the groups I am in. If you need RIDA, by the way, you can pay and notify me, or if you need counsel on what to use, message me, I am happy to help. Please note that once you cross some ages, you need to start investing in your inner doctor.

What did I do?

I couldn’t open WhatsApp again, so I deleted it. I then re-installed it. Thankfully I had some backup in the cloud. Though my cloud backup was not current, it helped me reconnect. Talking about backup in the cloud ☁️… Do you have treasure laid up in heaven? One of our key access to backup in heaven is the investments we make in the lives of the poor and less privileged. Another way is to trust and depend on God. Do you have up to date backup?

Thank you

Thank you for reading. Please endeavour to reply to me, even if with just an emoticon or a comment that you have launched my book. Over the next few days, I will be thanking and reaching out to all who showed up and supported me. Thanks to those who also wanted to but couldn’t. My WhatsApp is back now, but it’s time to ensure the weeds don’t take over the farm.


Adeolu Akinyemi

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