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What is the BEST investment you can do for your CHILDREN?

This one question is the motivation behind many moves parents make.

But which is the BEST?

Parents tend to compensate for what is missing in their own lives. Parents think I didn’t get enough of this, so let me give it. Most of our investment in our children is in their education. We grew up learning that this is probably the best investment we got.

1. Good schools – let’s not even go into the real meaning of a good school. Here, many parents fall for the cost equals quality trap. Good schools are good, but are they the best?

2. Travel abroad for Well rounded education – Many people’s Japa move is inspired by children. This is good too, but is it the best? I struggle to see why a school abroad will be seen as good if people finish from here are still very competitive, maybe even top percentile there.

3. Balance – Many of us grew up where the focus of our education was academics. We felt deprived of extracurricular activities, so we compensate for them in our children. The school has music, swimming, dancing, chess, karate, and even karashika (don’t ask me, myself no know). The children end up being unbalanced and we compensate with the next school leaning towards their imbalance.

These are all good things to do, but they are not ways to ensure that the next generation surpasses you. Don’t get me wrong, these investments will make children do well, at least comparatively, but there is a much better investment.

“By an act of faith, Isaac reached into the future as he blessed Jacob and Esau.” – Hebrews 11:20 MSG

The surest investment and way to shape your children’s future is by the act of faith of praying for them and declaring into their future. Isaac was so persuaded about the value of his faith declaration that even though he was tricked into blessing someone else, he saw the blessing as irreversible. A blessing uttered in alignment with God’s will create a back-to-back succession of success for many generations.

If you really want a great future for your children, build your own relationship with God, and bless them on the merit of the clarity received from that relationship!

But for the Grace of God, where will I be today? Where will you be? This same grace that made room for us is available to our children. The patriarchs knew that the only way to sustain a genealogy that will last for thousands of years is not by leveraging what can be seen, but by connecting with the unseen realities that started and sustain everything we see.

Parents who have a faith relationship with God are more valuable for your future than your highest certificates. Treasure the words spoken over your life by people of faith that God has blessed you with.

Children are like arrows in the hands of a warrior. Like arrows, they are shot into their unique targets. As a child myself, I have been graced with many custodians and mentors. The best investment they can give me is the declaration of my future that I surrender to. it is the blessing that you receive from Abraham that you pass on to Jacob and that he passes on to Jesus.

Don’t forget to do the best you can for the coming generation. Give your attention to what will make the biggest impact.

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