Saying everything is for you and not against you is faith

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Deolu Akinyemi

There are many things that will happen to you, but you need to decide if it is for you or against you. Things will not always go the way you had hoped or planned, but nevertheless, you still need to make your own choices about how to take every event.

Believing and confessing that everything is for you is faith, it’s being assured of a future that is better because of something that makes no sense in the immediate. It’s not an easy feat to wean yourself from the urge to complain and lament about what is happening to you. To consistently hold on to a thought that is contrary to your currently expressed reality is said to be one of the hardest work on earth. It is literally the same work as a creation to believe that some order will emerge from the current chaos.

This belief, however, is the core belief that creates a better future. It’s the belief that enables all creators, innovators, professionals, and entrepreneurs to create something better than current realities. In order to accomplish great things or create a better future, one must realize they have the power to choose their own destiny. This power of choice is not limited to the destination but also the process. I can believe that everything that happens to me every day is working for me, even if it takes me years to figure out exactly why. Sometimes it becomes really quicker, sometimes, it may seem unduly long. The longer, however, the bigger the potential.

Having this faith saves you from the foolishness of comparing yourself with people who are not going to the same place as you. Like God taught me many years ago from a simple phrase – “if you are competing with someone and the person dies, who won?” We all run different races, and in your own race, you need to believe that all things are for you.

In case you think it is” easy for you to say when everything is going well for you”. Well, everything is not and does not go the way I have it planned. Many times, my plans get tossed, and sometimes things get so bad and blurry that I am tempted to wonder how this can really work for me, but I have decided to have unwavering belief against every evidence that all things are indeed working for me.

I have decided to attach this video to this message that shows what I had to do recently due to the cash swap policy that went bad and really badly impacted the agriculture sector and, indeed, my small but growing enterprise. The video shows you a glimpse of how bad things were, but by no means the full picture. It was painful to lose money, painful to bury eggs, and painful to keep feeding the chicken even though cash scarcity made them difficult to sell. The law of the farm was brutal, but in the midst of all of that, there is an unwavering faith and commitment to the idea that everything is working out for my good and never against me. The hand that controls the universe is favorable to me.

Just as if to confirm my thoughts, while writing this article, a dear friend of mine sent me a message that was spot on. We had discussed the friend’s being out of job for about 3 months and the factors surrounding it. Today the friend had gotten a job paying multiples of what they had earned in their last employment. Interestingly the delay was not against it, it was for!

So dear friend, if it’s taking very long, don’t panic. If it’s not making sense, don’t fall for the language around you. Believe it’s not against you, it is for you.


Adeolu Akinyemi.



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