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12166353_10207964739546952_1494873107_nThe last time I saw those words together was a long time ago! Back in those days it was a way to break the steam in parties, someone should come out and share riddles and jokes! We all had a few we had to memorize. They had no use except at these parties, no action required, only memory!

I can’t stand thinking that the words of Jesus have be reduced to riddles and Jokes. The only thing we do with them is memorize them and possibly remember them, but are we doing them? Are we holding our lives by the demands of Jesus’ exacting standards, or have we turned him into a comedian by our actions? Are we taking Jesus at his word, or have we watered down the message.

Let’s try a few on for size. Let’s not go far, let’s just take one Chapter of Matthew. Chapter 6.

  1. vs 1 – 4. Be specially careful when you are trying to be good that you don’t make a performance out of it. When you want to do something for someone else, don’t’ call attention to yourself. When you want to help someone out, just do it, don’t think about how it looks.

This is not a message about how to give offering, this is about how to help someone else or give alms. Do you live by these standards? Do you work behind the scenes like God, or do you work in front of the scenes? Or do you not even work at all? Is your life insulated from real problems around you, when was the last time you even did good? Is this one of Jesus’ riddles and jokes?

  1. vs 5- 15 When you want to pray, don’t make it theatrical production. Don’t make a show of prayer – you know now, the way we did it! Find a quiet place, don’t role play before God. Shift your focus from you to God. The bible states that the world is full of prayer warriors who are prayer ignorant. They are full of formulas and programs for getting what you want from God. Don’t fall for that type of nonsense. (It’s in the bible this exact way in Message translation). This is your father you are dealing with, and He knows what you need better than you.

Prayer is not primarily about you, you know? It’s about God and what he intends to do in the earth. Jesus’ model prayer starts with reverencing God, and asking that His will be done. Our quest for daily bread is to keep us alive and in tune to recognize that His is the kingdom, glory and power forever. Prayer is not about getting what you want from God! It’s about aligning with God to get his will done on earth, and hopefully through you. Do you pray like this? Or is this a riddle and Joke?

  1. vs 16-18 Don’t make yourself a fasting celebrity! Ah, that sister can fast! My Pastor is a fasting machine! Fast to concentrate on God (not yourself) look God outwardly when you are training internally. God rewards secret activities like this openly.

Do you fast at all? Is there a need for you to take out time to concentrate on God? Do you make a production out of fasting? Jesus seemed serious about this.

  1. vs 19 – 21 Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and wher thieves break in and steal; but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where… for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

It says do not! Not do not lay all! It says do not lay up treasures on earth at all! Do you lave up treasures at all on earth? Jesus wasn’t talking about you right? But what about financial intelligence? Jesus says don’t lay up. Nothing else matters. Do you have anything of value here on earth? You are in violation aren’t you? Are you asking what about me? Let’s focus on you, I’ll tell you about me tomorrow.

Are you laying treasures in Heaven? Do you know how to? Isn’t this supposed to be an important teaching to followers of Jesus? How come you don’t even know what heavenly treasure is? Are you obeying his instruction?

  1. vs 22-23 Let your eyes be single, so that your body can be full of light!

This means don’t look up to anything else, don’t have two objectives. Your eye must be on one thing – Jesus! He alone is good, and he alone is light. The moment you add anything to Jesus it’s the genesis of error. Don’t add money to Him, don’t add victory to him, don’t add breakthrough to him. Jesus and Jesus alone is our goal and ultimate. Is this your reality? Or is this scripture a joking stuff?

  1. vs 24 Non one can serve two masters – God and Money!

Honestly speaking, how do you know who you are serving? Is it not the person you spend most time and resources with? Honestly appraise yourself and even if you claim to be serving God and money, which one are you serving most? Did Jesus say you can’t serve both? Does that mean you are really serving money? What is going on?

  1. Vs 25-34. Do not worry!

When was the last time you worried? Someone answered me and said, just now! I asked, and you say Jesus is the truth and he is serious? After 25 years in the faith you are still worrying, is that normal? What went wrong with us?

Don’t be too much in a hurry to defend your position. Let God be true and every man a liar. Be patient, I’ll show you what Jesus did to make all these easy! His yoke truly is light!

You can learn more at www.hccc.org.ng the audios for the last 18 months are there free. Also if you want to join us for a 40 days word and water challenge and discipleship in God’s word, add my number to your WhatsApp: 08037228919 and ask for 40days Challenge.

If you are uncomfortable with what you are reading, don’t close your heart, pray to God to open your eyes. If it resonates with you, contact me, God has told me that there are those he has chosen out there somewhere. In the system of organized church, but longing for truth.

John the Baptist is outside the town gates, he’s not in the normal structure preaching what the priests preach, he’s a weird guy talking about God’s kingdom and pointing the way to Jesus! Jesus is about to be announced, not within the regular places, but outside in Jordan. If your spirit nudges you forward, you must seize the moment!
Adeolu Akinyemi
WhatsApp: 08037228919


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