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Deolu Akinyemi

I’m sorry it’s been quite a few ages I wrote on this blog. I think it’s because the blog which was my key reason for updating this site is not at the back of this site. I know this looks more corporate, and makes me look a lot more serious, but if I’m truly going to be honest with myself, maybe it’s not really working for me. Well, I guess I have to take charge and do something about that. It’s better the website looks dodgy and I write regularly, than it looks clean and I refuse to dirty it with my thoughts.

Well, sorry for starting out with a rant, I actually want to invite you for a special event, I hope after this is done, I can resume back to normal writing and my penchant for enlightening, educating and sometimes entertaining you with the benefit of my point of view. I am not a grandfather on blogosphere, many who came after me and leading the game, and I love them for it. I have been busy, well I can’t complain, I have been busy making progress with other ventures, and my style of writing needs to change to suit what I am becoming. Sorry… back to my invitation.

Are you in need of a new IT gadget? Do you have a blackberry phone and want to upgrade? Or have you been fantasizing about getting one? Do you want to trade in your laptop for a new one and just pay a little extra? Or do you want to start the journey of owning your own laptop or personal computer? What about a Fridge? A freezer? An air conditioner for your office or home? What about something I got for myself, a rechargeable shaving gadget? What about a healthy cooker, a halogen oven that steams your food and drains away destructive oils from your food? What about a water purifier? What about the latest in technology induction cooker? Health foods? Or do you want to be a distributor for Oando Gas, Justy Foods, Tropicana Slim e.t.c. You can even buy recharge cards cheaper, irons, blenders, TVs… how can I forget Samsung LED 3D, Plasma or LCD screens? Can you imagine that with just a few tens of thousands you can get a good TV set?Or do you want to win a Tab for being the highest purchaser tomorrow Friday the 14th or September or Saturday?

This cordially invites you to our IT Fair and Clearance Sales! Everything is going for rock bottom prices. You can enjoy 10-50% discounts over a variety of products. You can also become a distributor or dealer for some others.

Venue: Our Place, 7 – Olufunmilola Okikiolu Street, Off Toyin Street (Behind Ecobank at Toyin roundabout), Ikeja Lagos.

Time: 10am till 6pm Daily.
Sponsor: If I’m the one who invited you, simply quote “empower” when you come. If I’m not the one, mention the name of the person who invited you.

Expect me to write more often, and to write straight from my heart. I have missed you, I hope you have also missed me. It’s time to get back here with a bang. What do you say I organize a face to face meeting with a few of my guests on this platform? What say ye?

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