Murder is Just a Babe Away!

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Deolu Akinyemi

AY as his friends call him, is a guy’s guy. He’s one of those people who seem to have everything. He’s musically talented, looks good, he’s a leader and has a genuine and large heart. Another great thing about AY is that he was well brought up, learned good values from his childhood, he’s the stereotype of one whose mother will say “Remember the son of whom you are”. AY is typically what you’ll call the standard, a role model in many ways. If you had a discussion with AY and the topic was murder, you would be talking about someone else. He cannot envision himself wronging a fly, let alone another human being. Unknown to AY, murder was just around the corner and down the slope, and once we turn the wrong bend, we are destined for the wrong end.

Life was good for AY, he lived the dream! His life career strangely did not end as music, all his talents and gifting became means to an end. AY was rewarded with leadership, his passion for his nation was inconcealable, his dexterity at his skill was enchanting, and all gave way to a special advisory position at the table of leadership. His passions did not wane, and he was not won to seat and enjoy the bread of idleness. He tackled problems bigger than him per time, and life rewarded him with higher authority, till his chest breasted the tape of ultimate leadership. Here at last was the people’s chance. A man of the people, duly elected was found in AY. Here was a chance to have a leader whose hearts bleed, and who could be touched by the feelings of the people. Here was the opportunity, for a good one to set the foundation for a great country.

AY did very well for his first term, and was easily rewarded with a second term. He worked tirelessly in the first few years with a zeal to start and finish many projects. He defended the security of his community, built infrastructure and provided transparent leadership for the people. His first term was pristine! By the second term however, the dissatisfaction with status quo had somehow waned, he wasn’t so aggressive anymore, and he had more idle time than was deserving of a leader. In this state of lowered guards and unbridled power, he gets interested in a babe he shouldn’t have, and swears under his breath he would. Oh she’s beautiful and shapely, but not his! Customary of leaders in every clime, the ability to get almost all they want, AY has rounds the bend, and goes all the way!

The night clears and births a new morning. Yesterday’s errors become clear, but as always, the evil that men do, have a way of showing up way after the act. AY is plunged into a game he did not know he had entered for, the snakes lead down, and the ladders lead up. He begins to play cover up, but soon realizes that the hole he creates while patching up another, is bigger than the one he removed it to patch. Adultery leads to lies, lies to scheming, and scheming to murder. The desire not to be discovered and to stay unstained, temporarily suspends the mind and values, and just a careless night of pleasure, stacks up a series of pressure, and leads the good man into error.

The story doesn’t end, the careless events of one night inspired murder and brought a curse that would curse turmoil in the house of AY. This turmoil provided the base for the first live pornographic big brother show and started a civil war.

Don’t know if you guessed it, while reading, but AY is Ayanfe, and that’s a native yoruba name for David – Beloved. The babe he swore under his breath to have is Bathsheba – Daughter of Oath! It’s a true life story, with lessons that are relevant then as they are today. Here is a quick summary of lessons learnt.

1. Don’t say I can’t do this or that. The only way to avoid wholesale evil, is not to price it in retail.

2. Sin is a sinker, once you round the first bend, you may not be in control till the end.

3. Keep putting your best in, the times when you idle and get satisfied is when you are most vulnerable

4. Once you err, confess your sins, cover ups leave bigger holes than the one they were used to cover!

5. If you don’t want to be a murderer, don’t succumb to adultery, if you don’t want adultery don’t succumb to idleness. Flee all appearances of evil is simple, but exotic advice.

6. It’s only the beginning of evil doing that is visible, the end is usually beyond imagination.

7. In case your turmoil already started, there is a lesson there as well, God is merciful!

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