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Last week we started on a very interesting topic – Numbering our days. We established that it requires wisdom – application of knowledge to calculate the numbers of our days and to chose the appropriate steps to take. Since this is a continuation article, I advice that you read the Numbering 001 before you continue so you can get a full picture of the entire article.

If you have ever read the stories of how God instructed Noah to build the Ark, or Moses to build the Ark and Temple or Solomon to rebuild the Temple, you will see that God is very precise, and has unique reasons and purposes for everything that he specifies. I have covered numbers 1-6, so Now I will start from Number 7

7: The Number seven stands for perfection or divine and complete work. It’s like 6+1, man plus God = Perfection. Seven is one of the most symbolic and fequently used numbers in the Bible. God completed the work of creation in 7 days. There were seven churches referred to in revelation, seven spirits of God in Isaiah, seven times around jericho and seven trumpet sounds before its fall. 7 beatitudes, 7 deacons, seven fold ministry, e.t.c. Because of the divine nature of 7, the devil also imitates this at times in 7 unclean spirits, te returning of the 7, the dragon with 7 heads, e.t.c.

8: The Number eight is a direct derivative of 7. It is 7+1 and signifies a new era. The beginning of a new era, after the seven has been completed (lev 22:7, Ex 22:30). Lepers are reinstated after the eight day (lev 14:10). Circumcision on the 8th day, means new life with the covenant.From the eighth day, when the firstfruit sheaf was waved, the seven sevens were counted; and on the 50th day or “Pentecost” (the eighth day after seven) a new era began (Lev 23:11; Lev 23:15-16; Act 2:1). The number 8 is similar with the number 50, because 50 is 7times7 plus 1. From Noah’s Ark, Eight souls left after the 8th day, it was the beginning of a new era for mankind.

9: Nine has not identified meaning on it’s own, but can be derived from other numbers. It can be derived from 3times3, 4+5 or 10-1. 3by3 is 3 twice, that’s completely complete, 4+5 is balanced grace, and 10-1 is God’s hand work without him. By derivation this is God’s gift. God’s gift to mankind is the Holy Spirit. There are 9 fruits of the holy spirit, which is the manifestation of a life that has God on the inside. It demonstrates God’s grace in it’s most balanced way, and is shows God as a gift, not as the giver. I believe that nine is the number of God’s gift. When tithe is taken out of anything we are given, 9/10 is what we have left, and that’s God’s gift.

10. The number 10 I believe is God’s signature, requirements or handiwork. The tithe is 10%, the commandments are 10. The plagues in Egypt are 10. The tabernacle, temple and New Jerusalem have 10 as the prevailing figure in measurments. In Jesus parables about God’s kingdom, he speaks of 10 virgins, 10 talents, 10 ciites, e.t.c. In a number of places as well, the number 10 had to do with some trials or punishments. Jacobs wages were changed 10 times, Daniel and his colleagues were placed on a special diet for 10 days to prove their absainance from meat, the saints in revelation are tested for 10 days. These show that God’s hand is in the midst of the trials that we face, and he works out a greater weight of glory in them. He instructs that we praise him with 10 stringed instruments (ps 33:1,2). 10 is the age you are required to have known and memorized all of God’s requirements.

11: The Number 11 also has no identified meaning, but it’s occurence in the dimensions of different aspects of the temple of God. There were 11 curtains for the covering of the tabernacle. The porch in Ezekiel had 11 cubits as breath e.t.c.give it relevance. The most outstanding value for 11 however, is the number of disciples of Jesus. This shows the possibility of the number 11 standing for a special team that has the capacity to drive worldwide expansion. There were instances also where Jesus needed the 11 disciples to witness something so that there can be strong worldwide witness. 11 can be derived in this way from 7+4 i.e. perfection + worldwide expansion. 11 with a (1)leader equals 12, which is the number of Godly administration. 11 then is a number of discipleship, followership and worldwide witness. (This is an example of how to derive)

12: The number 12 is the number of God’s approved leadership and administration system. It’s also known as the number of the church. The 12 tribes; 12 Elim wells; 12 stones in the high priest’s breast-plate; 12 shewbread loaves; 12 patriarchs; 12 apostles; 12 foundation stones; 12 gates; 12,000 furlongs of New Jerusalem; 12 angels (Rev 21:16-21; Rev 12:1). Twelve squared and multiplied by 1,000, the symbol of the world divinely perfected, gives 144,000, the sealed Israelites (Rev 7:4). 12 is the age around which Jesus understood that he must be about his fathers house, it was around the same age when David was annointed, and the age around which Joseph had his first dream.

The Numbers, 13-19 can be derived, so are many numbers inbetween. In the next article, I’ll be writing about the decades, 20,30,40,50,60,70 I’ll also be talking about 100, 300, 1000 and the other numbers in the bible that have relevance and can be used to number our days. After the next few articles, we’ll together take on a project, maybe Noah’s ark, the tabernacle or the ark of God, analyse the dimensions and get insights into what God was communicating to our generation. If you watch my language, I am not being absolute, these are things I have discovered by learning, and some of them I have experimented and found to  work. It is by reason of use, that we have our senses developed to know the difference between what is good and what is God. Until you prove them yourself, have a nice time learning.

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