My Encouragement to those who have not given up on Nigeria yet

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Deolu Akinyemi

At my polling unit yesterday, hoodlums hauled big stones at the voters, scattering the peaceful crowd of people who wanted to vote. It wasn’t an unintelligent ploy to scatter the election at that unit, as the results for the presidency showed 108 to LP and 27 to APC. I got in to vote just a few mins after the mayhem was unleashed, so I saw people picking themselves together again in a disorganised polling unit. Contrary to the presidential election calm and order, this was not calm. I got in and voted a few mins after I got in, showing that the crowd was also less than in the presidential election. About another 30-40% less.

I do not understand the desperado of the ruling party, as the four courses of electoral malpractices have been clearly evident in this election.

The “Four Horses of Electoral Malpractice” is a phrase that was coined by the electoral expert Dr. Nic Cheeseman. These are four common tactics used by politicians and others to undermine the integrity of an election. The four horses are:

  1. Intimidation: This refers to the use of violence, threats or other forms of coercion to intimidate voters, candidates, or election officials. This can take many forms, such as physical violence, verbal harassment, or the use of armed groups to disrupt the voting process.
  1. Vote Buying: This refers to the practice of offering money, gifts, or other inducements to voters in exchange for their vote. This can take many forms, such as direct cash payments, promises of employment, or gifts of food or other goods.
  1. Ballot Stuffing: This refers to the practice of adding fraudulent votes to the ballot box, either by stuffing the box with pre-marked ballots or altering the results of legitimate ballots. This can be done through various means, such as tampering with the ballot boxes, manipulating the vote-counting machines, or forging ballot papers.
  1. Results Manipulation: This refers to the deliberate manipulation of election results to change an election’s outcome. This can take many forms, such as falsifying the results of the vote count, manipulating the voter registration process, or manipulating the allocation of seats in the legislature.

These are four of the most common and damaging tactics that can be used to undermine the integrity of an election. I believe that unless we want to lay the foundation of our country’s future on falsehood, this charade needs to be addressed and fixed. Some of these thoughts, however, may sound like wishful thinking, except that we know that God rules and reigns in the affairs of men and sometimes allows us all to play to the end before he releases His card.

Let me share with you a poem about Nigeria I put together from the NADECO meeting in Washington DC.

A poem dedicated to the land divided by Waters beyond the river of Euphrates – Nigeria!

In the land of ancient democracy,

Freedom and rights took priority,

Voting rights for women in early times,

Before Europe rose and shone in its prime.

A top oil producer since the ’80s,

No enemy to the West or the USA,

Top doctors per capita in the world,

Their art contribution is worth its weight in gold.

Immigrants holding degrees galore,

Education is their drive forevermore,

Graduates and professors, thrice the size,

Boosting the economy, always to rise.

Their tech and medicine strides are so great,

Entrepreneurs building at an enviable rate,

This country, so great in all its might,

Shining bright beyond its borders, day and night.

Wealthy in resources, people, and land,

Yet poorest nation, a hard pill to understand,

Genocidal killings, a dark stain,

Descending from democracy to kleptocracy, a cause for pain.

Nigeria needs help from the world at large,

Activating treaties, justice their charge,

Elections that don’t reflect the people’s will,

We need the world to help us still.

It’s time for Nigeria to win,

To rise and thrive, let new life begin,

Too much potential to wither and fade,

Let’s rid ourselves of the corrupt, let’s aid.

I prayerfully wait for God’s intervention in Nigeria. May God help my unbelief and everyone who desires a better nation.


Kind Regards,

Adeolu Akinyemi.


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