Joseph Principles 2 – Clear Vision

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Deolu Akinyemi


This principle states that once you have a clear vision of where you want to go, that vision has within it a force that makes the vision come through. Where this is different from the system of the world however is that our dreams are not invented, they are received. Let God give you a glimpse of your future, let that be your dream. Don’t give your self a futile ambition, receive what God has in mind for you. Ensure that your dream is part of God’s grand design – you are not your own. Once your mind captures this picture, everything else around your life is designed to support your journey to your foreseen destination.

Once the vision of your future is clear, document it. Divine vision is potent, it carries the power for it’s own fulfillment. It converts everyone you meet at every junction in your life into a helper. Without a clear dream, you are truly helpless. Having clarity about your destination physically as well as in life qualifies you for help.


Here is how Joseph manifested this principle


  1. God gave Joseph a dream and it excited him. We know that God gave Joseph the dream because Joseph reported later that God is the interpreter and giver of dreams. Joseph mentioned this in the presence of the prisoners and to Pharaoh directly. You also need to be excited about what God has shown you.


  1. God reinforced the dream with another dream. Visions are not things you have once in your childhood and that’s the end. Great visions require reinforcement. Your dreams will be refined as you get closer and it gets clearer. Stay focused on what God has said.


  1. Document your dream! Joseph predated the writing of the laws and the bible. It is safe to assume that there was no writing yet in the vocabulary of the Hebrews. In order for the vision that God gave Joseph to be documented it had to be voiced out to his brethren. He kept telling them because other mediums must store the information. When your vision is documented, it carries the speed of performance. Hab 2:4 says the vision ought to be written down so that he who reads can run.


  1. Joseph was not alone in catching a glimpse of God’s plan for his life. God announces the future of His children in their early days. David was anointed as a teenager,  Joseph had a dream as a boy, Moses began to function as a deliverer before he was ready for the role, Jesus knew at 12 that he must be about his father’s business.


  1. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you before you think you are good. Understand what your dream says about you, and start from that point. Don’t struggle to become great. Start your life from Greatness. Nothing about where you are going is as great as where you are coming from. Operate from the beginning with the end in mind.

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