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Deolu Akinyemi

A2W Begins at Silver

There are 2 goals that are important to have if you are in this business. The first goal is a long-term goal of achieving financial freedom in 5 years. This is a goal that requires focus, persistence and faith. Statistic shows that only 1 in 100 in America achieve it after working for 40years. To achieve it in 5years is a really bold vision. This first goal is like having a goal to drive from Lagos to Sokoto, the truth is, while that goal is achievable, you will need to set smaller goals to keep you going and keep you encouraged along the way. The second goal you need to set for this business is the shorter term one, of becoming Silver, becoming gold and helping your team members to achieve the same!

Here is what you need to do. If you will become financially free via this business, then you must first become Silver! No way around it. Becoming a Silver distributor means you are helping people to succeed, and that’s the attitude you need to have to succeed. Your success will come, when you help many people achieve their own successes. Connect your goal of becoming silver to your larger goal of financial freedom! No Silver, no Freedom!

To become Silver is easy, here are the steps I’ll like you to follow.

1. Establish that you desire to become silver within the next 1 week to 3 months. If this is really a desire for you, then fill this form here.


2. Once you have established that you want to become silver. Draw out the silver formation on a sheet. Simply it’s sponsor 2 people, who have sponsored 2 bronzes. In other words, sponsor 2 people who have sponsored 2 people who have sponsored 2 people. In simpler terms have a 3rd generation! Draw out this formation where you can see it, and gradually populate it with names. You really start becoming a distributor when you have a 3rd generation.

3. You become silver, by helping the two people you sponsor to sponsor 2 people, and by teaching them to sponsor 2 people each on behalf of their two people. Becoming Silver is a result of sponsoring 2 bronzes who sponsor 2 bronzes each. They earn, and are happy, and you earn and are happy as well.

Once you have become silver, all you need to do is add two more people to support to grow deeper, and from that point on, you can keep supporting your team to go deeper and deeper.

With the amazing products the company has now, there is no stopping you!

Manage your energy!

Today, A2W has all kind of distributors. There are those who succeeded in the past, and are lost in the past, and there are those who are excited about the future, and are working towards it. Don’t let those who have climbed the mountain and are on their way down show you the way, the way is not where they are, it’s where they were. If anyone tells you about the good old days, tell them to show you their ASSETS. By their assets you shall know them! The good old days are ahead, not behind. There are lands we must own, houses we must buy and investments we must make. Our best days are ahead of us.

Don’t be discouraged, the strength to move forward and progress always comes against the tide of discouragement. Action and reaction are opposite and equal. If nothing is standing in your way, then where you are going is not worth it. Whenever you are talking to people, evaluate what’s happening to you, if you are losing energy, RUN. If you are gaining momentum and excitement stay. Don’t let anybody sap you.

This Weeks Promotions

1. This week you can still get a Privilege Pack + A FREE oven of any type for Just $350 or N60,000. All payments this week also come with a Free copy of 45 Seconds Presentation by Don Failla. All who become bronze this week also get a free copy of either overcoming inertia or simple truths for entrepreneurs. Once you become Silver, do send a mail to ife@a2wadmin.com to authorize pickup of any of the books

2. This week you can still get a Privilege Pack at N60,000 and get a Tab instead of an oven by simply adding N28,000. This means with N88,000 that Privilege pack and the Verizon Tab 3, 7 Inches can be yours. Do recall that these tabs are actually better and more functional than most tabs in the market, and comes with a 1yr warranty. We have sold about 3,000 pieces already and are fast running out of stock. Hurry.

3. The Special Packs are still in stock this week. You can get a truck load of products and even come in as a bronze distributor by taking advantage of any of these price points. www.a2wglobal.com/ni

Do make the most of this week! Enroll in Silver Starter and broadcast the promotions to your team.

With love from the United States of America

Adeolu Akinyemi

A2W Nigeria

NB: It’s your turn to qualify for the next All Expenses paid vacation!

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