How To Make a Profit From Your Anger

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Deolu Akinyemi

If you cannot control your anger, you are as helpless as a city without walls, open to attack. – Prov. 25:28 GNT

Anger is one of the strongest emotions we feel, it can completely distract us and make us take irrational action and it can provide us with motivation, power, push, and drive. It all depends on how we manage it.

The natural result of anger is negative! Normally once you are angry 😤, you are out of control! You are more prone to say the wrong things and do the wrong things. If you lose control when angry, you are like a city without walls.

What does it mean to be a city without walls?

Don’t think too far, just think about your room without a door, your house without a front door or gate, and your estate without security. It literally means your life is outside. You are really in a queue waiting for your time to be plundered. This is no way to live.

Anger management is crucial. It makes a difference in the output of your anger. The quest is not to not be angry, but to be in control of your anger.

What causes anger and how can we get in control of it?

Research agrees that our greatest source of anger is someone undervaluing us. Can you really imagine that? When someone makes you mad, or makes you feel peeved, miffed, irritated, infuriated, annoyed, or otherwise ruffled around your feathers: it’s not the issue at hand. It’s you!

Anger erupts when you feel less than accounted for, or undervalued

“Do you know who I am?” 😊

We get angry when others, by their comments or response make us feel less about ourselves. The way to manage this is to channel the energies appropriately. In trying to compensate for our feeling small we have the options of self-pity or focused action.

1. Channel the Energy – Anger is compensatory, hence we are very upbeat and optimistic when having the anger emotion. Run that extra mile. Complete that project you’ve put off for days. Respond to a hundred and forty yet unread emails. When angry your productivity knows no bounds. Men… you know those days when you want something and you don’t get it, and you are sulking? You can get a lot done in that time 😊

2. Plan with it – Anger makes us determined. Angry speeches carry a force that draws followership. (It’s why people who use swear words have moderately better followership 😊 ). The anger is fuel for success, vengeance, or a quick push to validate our disagreement with our evaluation. Use that energy to create a 5-year plan.

3. Execute – Ride that determined wave of rage and continue executing the steps in your plan to catapult you to success. We don’t overthink things when angry, we just do it! Apply the energy to do the things that are important in line with your goals.

4. Be Calming down – When we are angry we are prone to make mistakes. It’s important to calm down and take a second look at what we have done.

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