How not to let the noise of your responsibility drown the whisper of your purpose.

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Deolu Akinyemi

Being perceived by family or society as a responsible person is many steps up from being irresponsible. Responsible people are assets to society, and they contribute more than they take from society. Being responsible is a quest all humans have; it’s our journey of growth. We start out life as irresponsible babies and grow to become responsible adults.

To be responsible means having an obligation to do something or having control over or care for someone as part of one’s job or role. It also means being the primary cause of something and so able to be blamed or credited for it. Etymologically, the word responsible derives from the Latin responsum and the verb responder. It means the quality or ability to respond to commitments.

Let’s dig deeper into the concept of responsibility. Responsibility refers to the duties and obligations that one has towards oneself and others. It is the accountability to complete a specific task, obligation, or role. Responsibility is often assigned by others or social norms and is related to our actions and behaviors towards ourselves and others. For example, a parent has a responsibility to take care of their children, or an employee has a responsibility to complete their assigned tasks.

Our life growth journey throws us into being responsible. First for ourselves, then for our families, then for a little more than our families. Our circles of responsibilities grow and grow and become so loud that it drowns the whispers of our purpose. At this point, something inherently good becomes bad. No matter how responsible the world judges you to be, if you don’t live your purpose, you will not have the maximum joy and satisfaction from whatever else keeps you busy.  While I am not asking you to become irresponsible, the push is to ensure that you structure your life never to let the things that matter most be at the expense of the things that don’t matter as much.

Purpose refers to the reason one exists, the meaning of one’s life, or the broader goal one tries to achieve. It is the driving force that motivates one to take action, make decisions, and pursue a certain path. The purpose is often self-discovered and is related to our sense of fulfillment, satisfaction, and happiness. For example, someone’s purpose might be to help others, create something meaningful, or positively impact the world.

It is our quest for a purpose that makes us ask, “why am I here?”. It’s our quest for a purpose that makes us contemplate the meaning of life and makes us have a yawning vacuum in our hearts seeking to be filled. Can you hear the voice of your purpose? Is there a quest in your life for more than what you are currently doing?

The best spot is when your responsibilities are directly connected to your purpose. That is real life!


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Adeolu Akinyemi.


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