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The excitement mounts everyday in the side of the world where I work and live, not because of the regular reasons, but because everyday we get opportunities to add value to more lives. 2007 has been a year of years for me, and I marvel at what I see ahead for 2008. I’m going to do a proper recap of 2007, with details of the high moments, and the moments just before that. 2007 alone can be a novel, and every page will lift with excitement, God has been good.

Someone walked into my office 3 days ago, and told me something profound. He asked me if I understood what I was doing, I wondered what he meant. He went ahead to tell me that he feels what NNC has achieved in getting an opportunity for people to buy land for N18,000 per month is awesome. That N18,000 is the equivalent of what some of them use to drink in a matter of weeks, and now they can see opportunities. He says we have brought property ownership to the lower middle class. He told me that he had registered himself a number of times into the club because of his interest in the board contest, but now, he was going to change the profile of all the other registerations to his family members as he would want them all to have the NNC ID cards, and take part in the opportunities. (By the way, the land opportunity in this particular estate closes on monday, 10th Dec, 2007)

Believe me, one positive feedback, drowns a lot of negative perceptions. It is very normal that the people the master prepares the banquet for, are not the ones that finally eat it. People fail to try again after haven failed once, and condemn themselves to haven failed. I have decided to remain undetered in my quest to provide value, and to remain accountable to the objectives and outputs we have commited to.

I feel particularly good today, as finally I have a full picture of the healthcare opportunity that is now open to NNC Members. Everybody I have shared this with has marvelled, some even clapped. We had gotten a good deal before, but it got better yesterday as we were able to negotiate some additional things to come with it.

Just a few months ago, I spent about N300,000 in the hospital where my family and I are registered. It wasn’t on anything cosmetic, it was on a real medical solution, it was one off and it was non negotiable. I just went through the list of hospitals that our program covers, and my hospital is one of them. As a New Nigeria Club member, I would have paid N20,000 in January and it would have taken care of all the medical help I would have needed as an individual in the course of the year.

We were able to secure a deal with a reputable HMO that has over 100 hospitals (and increasing) in its coverage. They were also able to confirm to us that if the preferred hospital of some of our members is not on their list, we could submit the name of the hospital, they would go ahead and do a check on the hospital, and include it if it meets their standards. We were able to negotiate for a comprehensive medical cover that takes care of all of the following items

General and Specialist Consultation
Medical Treatment
Prescriptions and Medicines
Laboratory Investigation
X-Ray Investigations
Normal and Assisted Delivery
Basic Eye Treatment
Basic Dental Care
Diagnostic Procedures
Accident and Emergency Treatment
Local Transport and Ambulance
Immunization as Delineated by NPI
Preventive Healthcare
Annual Physical Examination
Minor Surgical Procedures
Family Planning
Basic Gynecological Care
Admission in Double Bedded Ward (additional 1k for single bedded)
Intermediate Surgical Procedures
Optical Care Including Lenses
Annual Physical and Medical Examination
Delivery by Caesarean Section
Major Surgial Procedures
Comprehensive Medical Examination
CT Scan and MRI

As an NNC member, you can have all this covered by just paying N20,000 per annum as an individual or for N75,000 per annum as a family of 6. Some of the items on their own are over N100,000, a comprehensive medical examination which is a good to have costs more than N40,000 on it’s own. A Caesarean Section could cost you over N250,000. We have it all not even at one third the price most companies will get it at, we have it at way below that.

I know someone would be wondering, what kind of hospitals would be in this network that the HMO will be so confident to give these kind of price. Well, I’ve gone through the list and a good number of the very good private hospitals are there. The one my family uses is there. Our prefered hospitals can also be added if they meet up with the required standards.

Someone might also be saying, I work with a big company and they cover this for me… well, this opportunity is first for those who don’t have anybody to cover this for them, or people who are thinking of resigning but are worried about an exposure in the area of their health. If you are however in a big company, I also know that some companies pay some healthy amount if you don’t use their hospital allowances throughout the year, you can simply have your medical cover here and get your refund from your company yearly.

If your company, association, church or club has less than 30 people and you don’t have a medical health cover, you can inform your HR Manager and advice that all your employees join the NNC. If they are taking time, go ahead and join. There are real things to market here, those are the things we expect our members to talk about, and market people with. This way you can get 40 new people sponsored in just one presentation, they are happy and you are as well.

We have a plan in place for expanding into grass root, students e.t.c. Those in this category who see the opportunities and are willing to deny themselves to be a part of it early should do so… but sometime towards the end of next year, we will open up to grassroots – We are negotiating and closing their deals already.

We remain committed to adding visible value, and are excited about the future possibilities. All members of the club who indicate their interest in the health deal and pay before the 20th of December, will have the opportunity of kicking off with this health opportunity effective January 1, 2008 and it will cover them for the year.

Thanks for believing in us, and more to come.

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