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Deolu Akinyemi


For forty days and forty nights, the army of Israel stood on battle grounds terrorised by the philistine giant. For 40 full days, there was no response to the false terms and conditions set forth by their enemy. For 40 days, God’s army and representing nation on earth stood silent against the verbal onslaught and intimidation of the enemy. God watched from the heavenlies, eager to participate in their challenges – to take out the giant and restore Israel to it’s rightful posture, but He could not. They had limited the Holy one of Israel to an observer, in a battle that from the first day was meant to be His!

Israel suffered oppression and intimidation, Israel lived in fear and hopeless trepidation, not because God was on vacation, but because Israel’s problem was so big, God was not in their picture! How did I know God was eagerly waiting? How did I come to understand that Israel was not meant to be oppressed for even one day? It’s pretty straight forward!

As soon as David steps in the scene, he utters a statement that reframes the problem, and gives access to God – “this uncircumcised philistine will be like one of them, seeing that he defies the armies of the living God!” (I Sam 17:36b). David realizes that this is not Israel’s battle and this is not Israel being defied. This is God’s battle. God will however wait and watch until He is given access by those whom He delegated to tend the Earth. David finally killed and decapitated the Philistine giant. How classic? A teenager takes out the army general with one stone. It did not matter his tool, it did not matter his age, it mattered that he was God’s access point to giving God glory! He had dared to see the heart of God, and follow it! Israel might have been waiting for God to show up, but God was waiting for someone to express His heart and represent his Will. God was waiting for Israel, until David showed up!

Now back to you! Do you know that God is waiting for you? That challenge that has been oppressing you for years, that malady that you have been battling with, that problem that has refused to go away, that shame so real, and fear so strong! It doesn’t matter for how long it has been, it doesn’t matter how credible the sources and pronouncement, it wasn’t meant to oppress you for a day! Sometimes our problems are so big in our eyes, they take God out of the picture. Sometimes we pray and pray, but God can only watch until we give him the reigns and move in bold faith to declare and represent His mind! Sometimes the size of the giants are intimidating, and the realities they proclaim so factual and in vogue! You’ve finished from school for years, no Job! You’ve expected a child for years, no luck! You desire to experience financial miracles, but lack seems to have moved in with you! Your career seems heading for a bend that’s likely to be the end! These are giants, they have declared to you consistently, and you have come to believe them! Let me sound it out clearly to you – GOD is WAITING for YOU!

All you need to do, is show up on His behalf! All you need do is take your eyes off yourself for a moment! Is this really your battle? How is God glorified in the context of your battle? What is God’s Will? Until you position yourself to ENGAGE your environment on God’s terms, His power will not be available in your circumstance. Your credentials are not important, your age and qualification do not count. For every David who will read the heartbeat of God, understand His Purpose and plug into His will, God is ready to show up and turn them from sheep herds to people herds, from fishermen to fishers of men.

What exactly must I do if God is waiting for me? What action must I take to allow Him expression in my life? How did David Engage the system and give God the reigns?  To be continued!

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