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Deolu Akinyemi

Our quest in Generis Universal Tactical Solutions (GUTS for Short, or Just Generis Solutions) is to partner with people for success. We are interested in the success of our clients, both individual and corporate.

One of the comments that really hit me from one of the sessions we just concluded with one of clients was this statement – “you need to make more noise about Generis, you people are so good, but not enough people know”. That was a good statement, on it’s own it’s a combination of positive and constructive feedback. It has got me thinking, how can we get our name out while at the same time achieving our mission of helping people succeed. What became obvious is that it would be a good thing to reward people for referring us to a client or individual that eventually use our services.

We’ll be doing a demo for this in October with our two major October Trainings. Anyone who refers any participant to any of these two trainings will get a 10% cut of the total training costs. We’ll see how this goes, and develop a system around it to ensure that people can make a living just referring people to our programs – our contribution to helping people succeed.

HR MBA 2 (Managing Business Accounts) Oct -6,7,13,14

Our commitment to establishing a center of excellence for HR in Nigeria is unwavering. We will not give up, we will not stop, until we build a worldclass HR development curriculum in Nigeria. We have had series of HR MBA 1 and now we are moving it up to 2. I studied Electrical Engineering and moved to HR due to my passions, but interestingly there is no clearcut university degree that qualifies you directly for HR. In the same breath, the institutes that issue certification practice of HR in Nigeria are not current. Human Resources Management is not Personnel, neither is it the old school Admin Manager role.

In HR MBA 2, we’ll be helping people with basic or zero HR experience understand the key communities of practice in HR and work on case studies on how to Manage Business Accounts.

The HR MBA 2, is a 4 days intensive program stretching through, Oct, 6,7,13 and 14, 2007. We already have the commitment of some seasoned HR Directors, Senior Managers and Consultants to facilitate this course. The cost of the course is N100,000 only, you can get a commission of 10% if you get your company to sponsor you and a discount if you are self sponsored. If you were also referred by someone we’ll request that you make the person known so the person can be rewarded.

Interested self sponsored candidates who would like to be considered for a partial scholarship should please contact, or call, 08057109512.

BIT – Billionaires in Training (Oct 18-21 in Dubai)

The Billionaire in Training session is fast becoming a regular feature for Generis Solutions. It started out as a night out to play cashflow 101, and it has metamorphosed into a full fleged Billionaires in Training Session and an opportunity not only to play a board game, but to adopt life habits and systems that will invariably create wealth.

It will be holding between the 18th and 21st of October 2007 in Dubai. This will avail you the opportunity of taking advantage of the investment opportunities that are available in Dubai. It also aims at awakening your financial intelligence in an atmosphere of fun and learning, as anything learnt with pleasure is learnt full measure.

The course cost for Billionaire in Training is a token 80k and it spans for 3 days. You can get a 10% commission for referring paying participants. We are also making seperate arrangements to get people there at an optional cost. For more details and negotiations on BIT, please contact Ogho on 08051104008

Lest I forget, we also have a Mentorship session on Sunday, 2-4pm at 71 Allen Avenue Ikeja. It will be featuring Gbenga Sesan, The Founder and President of SOD -Segun Lawal, possibly Olakunle Soriyan and myself (Adeolu Akinyemi). It’s just a token of 1000 Naira to make it have a cost and to cater for refreshments and power. You can call Tola for more Information – 08057109512

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