Live the Dream!

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Written by

Deolu Akinyemi

I pledge to Nigeria my country
To be faithful, loyal and honest
To serve Nigeria with all my strength
To defend her unity and uphold her
honor and glory
So help me God.

Read that again, and think about it this time.

Today is October 1, and “Live the Dream” was the seminar topic I was given to talk about today in the “dirty green white green” seminar. Today however took off on a fantastic note for me, as my wife and I were blessed with a bouncing baby boy – October 1, 2007 11:14am a bundle of joy was born. Trust me, I am really happy.

Someone once told me that there is thin line between hallucinating and being visionary. That he feels that some of the pronouncements he hears about the future of Nigeria, sounds like hallucinations to him. Is it really possible to have the Nigeria of our dreams, and indeed live our own dreams? Is it attainable or is it a pie in the sky? Will the current challenges facing us as a country ever become a thing of the past?

I don’t believe that the future of Nigeria exists separately from the collective future of it’s people. The future of Nigeria is the future of it’s people. The reputation of Nigeria is the reputation of it’s people. Let’s stop looking far away at political leadership as the reason for our predicament and the lame excuse for our failures. Let’s stop pointing fingers at the leadership of the nation, and ask ourselves introspective questions about our own personal leadership. Let’s stop wondering what our country can do for us, and start ruminating about what we can do for our country.

A man that is in honor and knows not is like a perishing beast. To think that we are young is to reduce our lives to that of a common cow. We are not young, we are in the prime of our days, we are in our youth, we have strength, energy, passion, drive and a will to steer our nation into the land of possibilities, a city of hope and a country of dreams. We can pick up ourselves from where we are, and chart a future to the lives of our dreams. Poverty has robbed us of longterm thinking, the average Nigerian wants it fast and now, let’s take it back! Hunger has robbed us of our seeds, rather than cultivate for a future harvest, we are in for a quick meal. With so much intelligence, we manufacture nothing! Like Esau the hunter deals with Jacob the shepherd, we ship our our natural resources in their crude form to other nations, only to buy back the finished product at exorbitant prices.

My concern for Nigeria as a nation is useless, without my care about you. What do you want to do with your life? What will the world say about Nigeria when they relate with you? Will they say we are honest? Faithful? Loyal? Or will they say we are thieves, lacking in honor and glory? What image of Nigeria are you transmitting?

There is nothing physical about our current disability as a nation. It has nothing to do with what we have or don’t have. It’s in our mind! What we need in Nigeria is a revolution, not a blood flowing one, but a mind renewing revolution. Our lack is not for not for lack of power, it is of shortage of dreams, and I hear that when men run short of dreams, mankind runs short of history. Let’s not get to our death beds in old age crying, not because of the future, but because of what we could have done in our pasts, that lies there forever undone. Let’s dare to collectively live the lives of our dreams and do all to push our part of the entity called Nigeria.

Not many people believe in the concept of the New Nigeria, some think it’s a mirage, some thinks it’s possible. I think it’s actually in order to start an opinion poll here, and to eventually create a network that would not be for debate, but action.


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