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I’m sure someone will read this post and smile, because it’s actually the name of a company in UK. It’s the name of a fantastic company run by fantastic people and has been responsible for managing every single one of New Nigeria Club’s events in the UK. If you want to have a classy, stress free and proper event in the UK, I highly recommend Events and Things, and you can trust that they will not charge you any hidden costs.

Now back to what I had in mind. This post is simply to alert readers of DeoluAkinyem about some opportunities and meetings happening around so you can be a part of them and also invite others. It is also to provide some administrative information about certain new things that will be featured on in the coming weeks. ..and about the Announcements up there.. yeah in case you noticed, the spelling can’t be helped 🙂

1. Brain Fair 2009

Ben Carson is coming to Nigeria! I don’t know about you, but I read his books when i was a teenager, I read Think Big and Gifted hands, and they did a lot to motivate me and begin to believe that I could go as far as I desired, and that my thinking was my only limitation. He’s coming to Nigeria live courtesy of MRDC and Brainhive International. He would be having 2 sessions of meetings and will be featuring a number of other high profile consultants.

a. The first Session would be at Tafabalewa Square, it would be a gathering place of great minds. It will feature Ben Carson, a reknown surgeon, writer and motivator. He’s the first surgeon ever on some complicated surgeries and he’s African American. Like Obama is inspiring the world today, he started inspiring some of us long ago. The program is 9am sharp on the 24th of January, 2009 and costs N2,500 only. All New Nigeria Club members however have this subsidized to N1,500. Bulk purchase to sponsor others will attract less costs. If you are interested please send a text or mail containing your details to 07056197092 or It’s Saturday, so hurry. You can pick up your tickets ahead of the day at Generis Solutions, 3rd Floor 71 Allen, or make an arrangement to get it at the venue.

b. The Second Session is Lunch with Ben Carson at the Lagoon Restaurant. He’s having lunch with a 500 special guests, and they all have an opportunity to meet him up close. A number of companies have paid for entire tables for their top staff. This is kicking off by 1pm at the Lagoon Restaurant also on the 24th of January, 2009. The cost of this event is N35,000. New Nigeria Club members are paying N30,000 and there is the possibility of further reduction on bulk purchases of 20 and above. Readers of this site by extension also share in these subsidies.

2. Holidays and Cash Business Opportunity Seminar.

Network marketing has come to stay in Nigeria, and people are making money, developing skills and expanding their networks and relationships from these opportunities. Already, H&C has gotten the eyes and ears of top professionals, senior managers and executives of a number of companies. I have also met the young, and I have met the old, already involved in this before I decided to give it a proper look. The CEO of this company is in Nigeria this weekend as well, and is going around Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja and some of the surrounding cities. If you are interested, and want to hear directly from the horses mouth. Go to this site, register and ensure you secure your tickets. New Nigeria Club members can get the tickets at a 10% discount from our office. We can also send you tickets. If you are requesting for bulk and you are not in Lagos. You can mail

3. Billionaires in Training

It’s 11am on the 31st of January, 2009. It’s N10,000 for individuals and N15,000 per couple. The event is a 4hrs learning and fun event, with an opportunity to collaborate together with other professionals in participating in some currently available investment opportunities. We have a few seats left. This time around we’ll be featuring Emmanuel Utomi and it will be an opportunity to meet with him. Emmanuel Utomi is in my opinion, one of Nigeria’s foremost speakers, and public speaking trainers.


This is Short of Human Resources Methods Becoming Actions. This is a training we have run very frequently in our bid to create a center of excellence for Human Resources development in Nigeria. HR MBA currently has alumni who are currently HR professionals in a number of mega and multi nationals. HR MBA is facilitated by respected HR Directors, Senior HR Business Partners and Managers from a variety of Multinationals and Mega nationals. This years MBA is spanning for 4 days, covering 4 weekends, 2 sets of Saturday and Sunday. The cost for corporate of the HR MBA is N80,000. Interested readers from this site however have an opportunity to get some discount if they act fast enough. Currently there are only 4 Seats left. HR MBA is taking place on 7th, 8th, 14th and 15th of February, 2009. If you are interested you can mail or send a text to 08033469632.

5. Business Opportunity Meeting.

Exclusive breakfast meeting for 40. 8-9am, 24th January, 2009. A few seats remaining, interested? mail me at

On DeoluAkinyemi.

I will like to give a number of award to readers of this site effective from this month.

1. The top commentator on this site at the end of January, will get a fully paid hosted account and domain name of his/her choice together with a blog template design of his/her choice. I hope to be able to repeat this every month. The second and third I will reward at my discretion.

2. Top referrer of people to our meetings or training or any other groups training advertised on this blog will get a free seat in the next opportunity of that same time or any one that is closet to it of his/her choice.

3. Every month, I also intend to give out some other random awards to people for some good observations that I make in the course of the month. This award will range from tickets to the movies, to personal development books, recharge cards, a date with moi e.t.c.

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