Ebola Virus – A Cure from World War Z

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Deolu Akinyemi


If you have watched the movie – World War Z, then you really pray and hope that Ebola is not as viral as the dreaded zombie disease promoted in the movie. That being said, the movie has it’s great lessons – Great lessons on outreach or evangelism, on salvation, and a number of exciting eternal themes. In the movie, all you needed was a bite from someone who has the virus, and you will become less than human immediately yourself. Every infected person does not only become a carrier, but becomes compelled to make everyone else who is not one into one. It’s a diseases with a strong marketing drive. If Ebola is making up to be anything remotely close to 5% of those potentials, then the cure for the disease may have been proposed in that movie as well. Here is the simple solution….

In World War Z, there was no cure found for the disease, but there was an interesting camouflage that made you invisible to the virus. In that camouflage lies an amazing opportunity. The lead actor of World War Z – Brad Pit, realises that there were people who the infected zombies instinctively dodged or could not see. These people had a similarity, they were people already infected with life threatening diseases that made them invisible to the zombie virus. In a nutshell, people who were dead already, or dying couldn’t be infected by the new disease. The solution to every virus, is death!

How do you ebola-proof yourself? Die! It’s really that simple! How do you die so that you will not die! Well, one man came to the world to die on our behalf, so that you and I do not need to die anymore. He bore our ebola, our bird flu, our swine flu, our SARs and all that we could ever bear. He bore it on him and died. Since it was appointed for man to die once, he died once on all our behalf. Dead men don’t fall sick!

Let those who are alive and care about their lives worry about sickness, let those of us who died with him and already rose with him worry about eternal life. Insulated by His death and resurrection, let us live our lives free of fear, worry and anxiety. I am crucified with christ, I no longer live my life, I now live the life and purpose of the one who gave himself for me. I don’t have a personal agenda or ambition. It’s time to develop ebola soap, and start selling ebola-proof sanitisers, gloves, socks e.t.c.. Ebola – the same things usually bring joy and sadness to different people. I have decided to make my abode with those in Heaven’s Citizenry, dead to the world, and alive in Christ.

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