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Deolu Akinyemi

I’ve been falling in love with this story over and over again in the last few days, so much so that I’m going to dwell on it a bit more again today. Today however, I’ll be focusing more on the pipes than the buckets. I’ll also like to attach a document that one of the readers of this site sent to me as well, the reader had apparently gone online to search for the story and found it. It’s titled “Parable of the Pipeline”. I’ll like you to download it here and enjoy reading it.

I just heard a recap of BankPHB’s advert on radio focused on  Jack and Jill that went up the hill to fetch a pail of water, and how Jack decided to build a pipe and make a fortune :). Guess buckets and pipes are an emerging theme on not a few minds. I’ll  start by picking out a few points from the detailed article on the parable of the pipeline, then I’ll talk about the different ways of building pipelines, and their cost implications. I’ll share my recommendations with you, offer myself and services and leave you with the choices.

KeyLessons from the “Parable of Pipeline”.

1. The two young men, were ambitious dreamers, hardworking and both had opportunities – The fact that you have a dream, are ambitious, hard working and get an opportunity does not mean you will excel.  It’s what you do with the opportunities that differentiates you. These characteristics are however prerequisites, they are just not sufficient.

2. Bucket carriers enjoy more on the short term than pipe builders – Neither carrying buckets or building pipes is easy, one however plans for the future, a time of waning strength, while the other focuses on the bird in hand. Pipe builders could be tempted by the short term purchases of bucket carriers. To compare is folly.

3. The world has more bucket carriers than pipe builders – Don’t expect the world to agree with your well thought out pipe building strategy. No number of years of bucket carrying qualifies you to give expert pipe advice.

4. Smart work, is harder on the short-term – The pipe builder worked harder in the short term. Don’t let anyone con you into believing that smart work is easier work, ultimately it is, but not immediately. Short term pains equals long term gains, today’s sacrifices are the foundation of tomorrow’s dreams. The approach to smart work is knowing that in time, rewards will outweigh efforts.

5. Public opinion is unreliable – All of a sudden, as soon as the tables were turned and the people who mocked began to celebrate him. When people do not have an explanation for your achievements, they call it luck, or a miracle. The results of pipe building looks miraculous, but the process is not.

6. Bucket carriers feel mocked when approached by Pipebuilders – Everybody needs everybody, and an invitation by someone who has experienced and seen what you have not seen, is an opportunity for your development, seize it. Everything you desire, and that God has released your way, will get to you through the hands of another mortal. Never ever get it into your head that you will succeed without people. You won’t!

7. Even though Pipebuilders want to help, Bucket carriers have difficulties understanding it – Bucket carriers easily dismiss the quest to be helped. There are ready made excuses from day zero -“I don’t have time”, “My friend told me he knew a friend who’s uncle’s best friend tried to build a pipeline and failed.” “Only the ones who get in early make money on a pipeline.” “I’ve carried buckets my whole life, I’ll stick to what I know.” “I know people who lost money in a pipeline scam.” Do these sound familiar?

8. You are either a bucket carrier or a pipe builder – What can differ is the type of bucket – plastic or digital,  the size of the bucket or the stage of the pipe. It is irresponsible to not begin to lay pipes. A wise man doesn’t leave buckets for his children, he leaves pipes, and those pipes last till his children’s children.

Now to the main gist about types of pipes, and an analysis of how we can start laying them.

1. The first and most popular pipe is called “Real Estate” . The water that comes out of this pipe is called Rent. How does this work? Quite easy – You build a house, and get a tenant to live in it. The tenant pays you rent, whether or not you have been sleeping all day or all year. Rent is passive income, and is the result of work that you had done earlier. You don’t need to work everyday to get your rent, in fact you even get the rent in advance 🙂

2. The second most popular pipe is called “Investment in Shares”. The water that comes out of this is called dividend. Here as well, your investment works for you, year in year out, and you get dividend. You are not queried for coming or going anywhere, you have equity in the company and are entitled to dividends yearly as long as the company is doing well.

3. The third most popular pipe is called “Business”. The water that comes out of this is directors bonus or some form of dividends as well. Your business is not a pipe until you can comfortably be no more in it, and it will still deliver the goods.  If you are actively involved in the daily running of your business, what you have is a self directed bucket. You can however build your business to a point where you no longer need to show up. You can either build up your business from scratch or buy up a franchise.

4. The fouth avenue to build pipes is called “Network Marketing”. The water that comes out of this is earnings and commisions. Now this system of pipe building became real to the world only in 1940. Very much like franchising that was fought hard against and outlawed in it’s early days, Network Marketing also did not have an easy start. Today however, business leaders are beginning to understand that this is the pipe building strategy of the future. Not only that, it is the only model that can serve 80% of the current working class. More about this later.

In a quick Naira analysis, of how much it will take to build a pipe with any of these models to generate N5,000,000 per annum, the following figures were derived.

1. To build a house or block of flats with the capacity to generate N5,000,000 per annum will require an investment of nothing less than N300,000,000 today. This means if the first pipe you want to build is with real estate, then you’ll need to save N1m per month for 25yrs to arrive at this possibility. This will aslo be under the illusion that N300,000,000 will be the same in 25yrs.

2. To buy shares in First Bank Plc for example that can generate N5,000,000 as dividend per annum will require about N200,000,000 only. This will also require a savings of N1m per month for 18yrs or a big unplanned break. This doesn’t rule out the fact however that business has elements of risk.

3. Running your own business will involve injection of sweat and capital. If you wanted to buy a franchise, this will cost you some numbers as well. This anaylsis was done amidst a number of choice entrepreneurs, and this was given a vote of about N150,000,000.

4. To be involved in a proper network marketing opportunity that will generate N5,000,000 per annum, requires some sweat equity and much less than N100,000. The only catch here is doing due dilligence to understand the sustainability of the system. In my opinion, the sure way to wealth for the average working class and those who cannot save up N300,000,000 in a flash, is Network Marketing. A recent Wall Street Journal survey found that 80 percent of the work force want to own their own business and 40 percent surveyed would like to work at home. This is exactly what network marketing provides – a low cost and easy way to construct your own pipes.

Guess What?  I want to use all the pipe building models for myself. I want to have a diversified portfolio. When Real Estate is down, I want my stocks to support, and when that is down I want my business to cover up for it. As you can see however, they are not everybody’s starting points. Network marketing however is! The question I want to ring loud and clear to you this morning is, what is your target for your passive income, and what pipe model are you using? Are you a bucket carrier who doesn’t have time, or which is your excuse? I have learnt enough from all that I have done, and all that I have not, what it takes to succeed in any opportunity, and I am utilizing everyone of them. I’m off on a trip shortly, but I’ll still be available on skype, and can be reached by email. I’m working on a number of pipes, if you are interested, do get in touch – you have the opportunity of leveraging on my experience in supporting you to build yours. When I return from my trip, by God’s grace, Africa will be our feild.

{I’ll correct any errors in this later, I need to rest now! Thanks}

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