Blogging 101: Why You need To Start A Blog

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Deolu Akinyemi

I am starting a series on this blog that I called Blogging 101. It will run consistently for many weeks and will centre on blogging. If you have any questions, ensure you comment below and I’ll answer them.

Last week, I received an email from a close friend of mine who liked my blog and asked exactly how I created it. I then explained that I did it and maintain it myself. I then went on to tell him how the blog has been a reflection of what I do and how I do it.

I encouraged him to start his own blog and then he asked “Why should I start a blog?”

I did respond to him then and I wanted to share with you some of the things I said to him as I know it will apply to you too.

A.      You have a presence online: Blogging is a good way to jumpstart your presence online. I was in church last week when an individual approached me and said “Gbenga, Do you know me? I enjoy reading your writings on Deolu’s Blog”

I responded by saying “oh thanks….Please keep on”. Really, I do not know this person by their first name, but he happened to know me as a result of my presence online. If in this age you do not have a presence online…then it surely means you are not shipping.

B.      Showcase your Art: I know a lot of musicians who never went beyond being a member of the church choir, I know a lot of poets whose poems are only available in their script book, I know a lot of motivators whose creativity and intelligence are buried within them, creative designers whose designs are limited to the four corner of their house etc. Starting a blog can help you showcase your creativity and make you a big fish in a tiny ocean of whatever art you are creative in.

C.      Help A lot Of People: Often times, there is a perception that the only way to give is by doing so financially, however, you can always give a lot more than money. Sharing Knowledge is a way of giving, blog writing, contest, sharing your passion can be a way of giving out encouragement, zeal to other people. Either you like it or not, by reading this post, I am already giving you knowledge (even if you happen to know the content before, then I am refreshing your memory)

D.     Building a Brand: Blogging can help you build and enhance your brand. When you have a creative art (it doesn’t matter what it is) and you blog about it consistently, then you are known for that art and people tend to relate with you based on that. This can help you build a brand that revolves around your passion and at the same time make money with it too. Building brands are easier than they use to be. It’s just a matter of implementing branding on the internet to build that brand as part of the art we create.

So really, those are the major reasons why you should start a blog. Afterwards though, I did help my friend to create his own blog and installed 5 major plugins on it too so that he can start his own blog.  Really, if you don’t own one, you should too.

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