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Start Small!

“We are intimately linked in this harvest work. Anyone who accepts what you do, accepts me, the One who sent you. Anyone who accepts what I do accepts my Father, who sent me. Accepting a messenger of God is as good as being God’s messenger. Accepting someone’s help is as good as giving someone help. This is a large work I’ve called you into, but don’t be overwhelmed by it. It’s best to start small. Give a cool cup of water to someone who is thirsty, for instance. The smallest act of giving or receiving makes you a true apprentice. You won’t lose out on a thing.” – Matt 10:40-42 (MSG)

The business of showing love to others is what Jesus left us with. He said that this is the way that people will come to know that we are his disciples, from the love we show. Jesus demonstrated the ultimate love God has for us, by becoming human and giving up his life in exchange for our sins and due punishments. He however says to us that we don’t need to begin to show love by dying. We can start small, with little deeds of kindness, so we started this challenge, and it’s refreshing!

The work is a large work! We must ultimately be able to do what our master did in saving our families, communities, cities and nations. Each one of us is meant to take after our Lord and master. Jesus did not come to end the work, he came to start a work. We are intimately connected in this work of harvest, we are the branches, he is the vine! Every fruit we bear is based on our connectivity with him and he with the father! As we show love to others and the accept that love, a deposit is being made that has an end in connecting them with eternity, and us too.

In this spirit, a members of the Heaven’s Citizen’s Christian Centre decided to invest our money, time and energies to offer people in our community FREE car wash services just to put smiles on their faces, encourage them, and let the whole world around us know that it’s “Paid in Full”. Just the same way Christ paid for us in full, it was our privilege to in a small way share that same love with people around us.

The responses make it worth doing again and again! People were able to connect with the gift of God in a graphical way. While the cars were being washed, we gave people a free cold drink and a place to hang out for a while and gist with us. We talked about God, what he did in Christ Jesus, and the opportunity he’s given us all to be free from sin and alive to God. We chatted about the fact that even though we had paid for them and were available to serve them, they still needed to show up to God to receive what has been prepared. The same is true of our salvation.

Many people couldn’t believe that this was being done for real! The same way as people can’t believe that God would become human and offer to take responsibility for our sins! Many commented that only God could make people like us wash their cars! Yes only love could make Jesus die for our sins! Some people quickly called their friends to come and participate, the same way we follow Jesus, so that we can become fishers of men. Some people had other problems they shared with us to help solve, just because we started small!

It’s been a long time, I washed a car, been a long time I fetched water, been a long time I walked long distances to engage people and offer them anything, been a long time I shared cards on the street, been a long time I chatted with total strangers. It’s been a long time I connected deeply with my community, but the ice is broken, and from here on, there is no reverse gear!

Would you like to experience what we experienced? Would you like to join us in this movement to ensure the love of Christ is felt in every community? This is just the beginning. You can join us by registering here so we can carry you along in the next one.

“But he who is greatest among you shall be your servant” – Matt 23:11

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