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Deolu Akinyemi

There is a big boom about to happen in Nigeria! It’s an opportunity that if you can position yourself ahead of, will make the next 4-5yrs of your life amazing. It’s an opportunity that comes once in the lifetime of every country, and for a country the size of Nigeria, when it does happen, it’s going to happen BIG!

You are probably getting all excited, you should be. You are wondering, is it something I can take advantage of? Do I have the requisite skills to position for this boom? The answer is, you can! You only need to take this publication serious, and begin to take active steps based on what you are about to read. It’s going to be a big boom, the climax of which will push a new set of Nigerians into economic relevance in Nigeria. We are about to witness the era of the young billionaires in Nigeria! These are not mere words, I’m so sure and so positive, I can almost touch it.

Before I share with you the details of how you can position for the boom however, let me share with you what the boom is going to be predicated on. It’s going to be predicated on the greatest invention of the 20th century – The Internet! America has witnessed this boom, and across a number of countries around the world the internet revolution has had it’s moments. We are gradually inching towards Nigeria’s time… the ball is set in motion, and the wise, will benefit.

There are many key players in the democratization of the internet space in Nigeria. Last week, I wrote about the N100 internet. Today, I am making all the information available about the different offers. MTN has been so kind to also offer a few phones (all internet data enabled), a blackberry and a modem to be offered as gifts in the next 2 weeks. To win any of these gifts (phones, blackberry or modem), you need to do the following.

1. Use any of the packages – Mobile Internet Bundle or Fastlink Modem data plan, and demonstrate personal experience.

2. Study the attached material and be the first to get accurate answers in the knowledge driven competition that is about to start. CLiCK HERE

3. Have a minimum of 3 friends that comment that they got to know about this competition because of you. Mention their names, and have them come online to corroborate it.

If you get to win any of these items, you will not only be given the items you won, we’ll also create an opportunity to showcase or promote your profile, your business or any other valuable information you want given mileage via this blog.

How do I get to be in on the competition? Simple – Say you are in, get to use any of the internet packages, download and study the material attached, tell your friends about the competition, publish their names, and tell them to comment here that it is so. Anybody can participate, the competition is open to all ages 🙂

So, back to the boom! How do you prepare to ride the the storm in the looming internet created opportunity that is about to hit the economic shores of Nigeria? Is it too late to start? What does it mean to start? Stay tuned, to this channel, as I break it down for you in the next few articles. What is happening, and how can you be a formidable part of it.

There are people on to this ahead of you already, don’t lag too long behind. Stay informed and make moves!

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