A2W Wives and Mothers Part 1 – A case of N100,000,000

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Deolu Akinyemi

How a House Wife built ASSETS worth over N100,000,000 from A2W Biz! – and how you can too!


In A2W it doesn’t matter when you start, it only matters that you are truly driven to achieve your dreams! Some of these stories are untold, it’s time to begin to unleash them.

Chinwe Chilakah is a classical example of starting later and finishing strong. There are critical lessons from her progress that are instructive for those who are distributors already and are not achieving results and those who are not distributors and want to come on board.

With Chinwe it started with reluctance, she wasn’t was involved in another Network Marketing company made it to the level of Senior Manager, and was just getting to see how tough it was to work with network marketing companies that burden you with targets. She had also formed her impression about the Network Marketing industry from the Unilevel plan which ensures that you can never pray the fatherly prayer of “ May your children surpass you”, in the Unilevel plan, that prayer is suicide. Her husband literally prevailed on her to come on board with him as his first downline. Today, Chinwe is grateful she listened to her husband, and is happy to be an ASSET in her home! Assets bring in income, liabilities take away money. Chinwe Chilakah is a role model House Wife, she is not only doing school runs and homework, she is helping her family achieve yearly vacations, supporting her husband and keeping his blood pressure low, and together they have built their dream home and are making investments together.

VIA Her A2W Business – Chinwe has Bought a Brand New Kia Soul, Won a Brand New Hyundai SantaFe Jeep, Traveled with her husband to over 13 countries, travelled with her children around the world and Built 2 Houses, is completing 60 Units of Hostels and much more.

Her property asset acquisition is however not the most significant improvement in Chinwe Chilakah’s life. Her personal development is remarkable. Listening to her speak publicly with confidence is so exciting to watch. She has become an exceptional leader and presenter. In Just a few years, she has become an authority in A2W and network marketing generally. With Chinwe, it’s not when you start that counts, it’s starting and never every ever giving up.

Here are direct lessons we can learn from Chinwe


1. Think about your family and Sign up under a sponsor NOW. Don’t wait to be over convinced, bite the bullet today! Pre-register here www.a2wglobal.com/empower  one the sites that would be placed in the comment boxes below. Go with who you feel motivated to work with. Choose the option of Full Privilege Pack + Free A2W Oven.


2. Once you have pre-registered, you need to make payment. You can get the bank details here www.a2wglobal.com/ni/cash.php Once you have paid, send me your teller or transfer details here so I can support you to close the payment. I recommend that you pay for the PROMO of the week. Full Privilege Pack + A2W Healthy Oven + Gas Regulator = N140,000 (Get a Free Verizon Tab 3, 7”)


3. Once you come on board, get a few products to use. Get in with a combo so that the products are already there. Using the products will give you extra confidence. Then ensure that you organize a meeting with your friends where one of your sponsors is invited to support you. This is critical to helping you get your first 4. It needs to happen ASAP.


4. Once you have your first 4 onboard, start doing weekly meetings. You want to be a leader? Start being a leader! Get a meeting place and start organizing meetings.


5. Genuinely work can about your team members and work with them. This business is a team sport, and how far your business will grow is a function of keeping good relationships and helping your key people to become like you. Work with the Power of 4! It works and it’s exciting.

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